Top Five Emerging Icons Live: 25 Feb - 3 Mar 2013

Greetings, Super Fans- and welcome to the start of another fantastic week of new music. How about another bunch to get you started as we see what's coming up towards March?

Greetings, Super Fans- and welcome to the start of another fantastic week of new music. How about another bunch to get you started as we see what's coming up towards March?

February 2013's going to go down as a fantastic month for live music as the last few gigs to be squeezed in have made us very, VERY excited. Next week sees plenty of activity from some very promising new talents, so be sure to check out them out, stat. Have a look at what we have to say about them below, and if you like what you hear, add them to your gig calendar. All you have to do is follow the links and click 'YES' you're going to be attending the show! The artists will be dead happy to hear you can make it.

So prepare to be dazzled, because here they are... this week's Top Five Emerging Icons Live!

Wednesday 27th February

By the time you get the chance to see him, acoustic singer-songwriter Tom Bradley will have just returned to the UK after performing in Holland and will be packing his bags for a string of dates in America. That's all while he's busy eyeing up a tour in Italy this Summer and adding 'played the Natural History Museum' to his musician CV. Yeah, this is one very busy lad. His show at Water Rats in King's Cross next week may be your one chance to make him stand still long enough to hear him, before he's carried away in the wind to music-lovers across the globe like a guitar-wielding will-o'-th-wisp. His free-spirited nature and soulful, honest approach to song-writing have plenty to do with his upbringing by the sea. Get a taste of coastal life as you make your way down for some fresh tunes and escapism in the middle of London. It's a rare and lovely thing.

Wednesday 27th February

We'll never forget the performances that Robyn Sherwell gave on the Emerging Icons stage in the Olympic Park last summer. Considering the sheer scale of that humungous 'Sharks Mouth' and the open space surrounding it, it was incredible seeing so many international visitors stop dead in their tracks to listen. There is something so enchanting about that soulful voice of hers that it's hard to not pay attention to it. Rich in warmth, tone and relatability, her deeply emotive approach to folk reflects the passion of the performer, the beauty of this individual and the hard graft she's put in to get her songs out there. As well as a technically flawless vocal display from the choir-trained singer-songwriter, you can expect plenty of acoustic groove and turns on the piano at this intimate showcasing tonight.

Wednesday 27th February

Well, this is a big one for our Emerging Icons Headliner. She joins Germany's Abby as they pop over to London for a cheeky date at The Borderline before heading off to support Everything Everything across Deutschland. Our Anti-Folk heroine is going to sound absolutely fantastic on this cracking bill, complimenting the European quartet's Phoenix-like indie pop perfectly. Our Erin is always a busy lass, getting out and about on London's gigging circuit as often as she possibly can; but this is a particularly special show to be involved with as Abby have sold out their last two gigs. We'd better add that there will be panda masks and stickers on offer- need we say anything more? Make sure you go along and support the lady who brought such classics as 'Waltz For The Rat Babies', 'The Sexy Cupcake Ditty' and 'Sorry I'm Not Black'. These songs need to make it to muddy fields this summer and a successful show with this prolific band will surely help them there.

Thursday 28th February

Camden Town... it's undoubtedly the land where music lives and dreams come true- and the story of how The Screaming Kicks came to be couldn't be a more of an ode to the rock n' roll mystique of the area if it tried. Meeting over a few pints in the legendary Hawley Arms, a ramshackle group of Brits and Aussies brought together their love for 70s icons (Zeppelin, Bowie... Slade) and contemporary geniuses (BRMC, Nirvana, Jack White) to create the most incredible noise. In working hard and appearing in many of the superb venues right on their doorstep, the blues rocking four-piece have built quite a following and a great reputation for live performance. Tonight sees The Screaming Kicks venture east to drop some filthy riffs and furious rhythms. We recommend that you go and investigate and lose your shit a little. It's good for the soul.

Friday 1st March

Following a storming show at London's Bush Hall, Dorey The Wise are hooking up with Jungle Doctors for a gig to knock your socks off. This evening is a proper knees-up as much as anything else, as this hometown appearance comes in celebration of the Hastings band's latest EP release- expect the reception to be warm and the crowd rowdy. These are, of course, the perfect conditions for Dorey The Wise's jagged indie pop rhythms to thrive, boasting the energy and spikiness of a thousand Futureheads. It is a little known fact that this is also the only band on the whole of Emerging Icons to have been brought together through the power of pizza. Winning their frontman Aiden's height in Dominos at a local talent show proved to be the catalyst to inspire the band to take over the world, you see. It's a story of legend. Go check them out.

If you can't make it to any of these gigs, don't you fret. There are plenty of shows from many Emerging Icons going on across the country- just waiting to be discovered. Have a peep at our GIGS section by clicking the tab at the top of the Emerging Icons homepage. Or...if you're feeling lazy, just click here.

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