Top Five Emerging Icons Live: 22 Apr - 28 Apr 2013

Every week sees gigs by Emerging Icons artists take place up and down the country. New music fans across the UK have the chance to witness some of the freshest acts to emerge on the scene and we're here to let you know well in advance of those shows that are just too good to miss.

Every week sees gigs by Emerging Icons artists take place up and down the country. New music fans across the UK have the chance to witness some of the freshest acts to emerge on the scene and we're here to let you know well in advance of those shows that are just too good to miss.

Next week is absolutely chocker with talent. There are so many awesome shows taking place that our gig calendar is positively bursting... but we had to pick out just five to let you guys know about this time. Have a read about what's in store for you if you can make it down to any one of these shows; then follow the links to visit that artist's Emerging Icons profile. When you're there, you can click 'YES' that you plan on attending the gig. That artist will be happy to know that you're making it down and you'll be getting top marks in the Superfan stakes.

So get those gig calendars at the ready, because here are the unmissable gigs you need to get noted. These are the Top Five Emerging Icons Live...

Tuesday 23rd April

Bela Takes Chase at Notting Hill Arts Club: Notting Hill, London

Last week, we stumbled across the angelic voice and gorgeous melodies of Bela Takes Chase and we've not been able to stop talking about her since. The Australian songstress has perfected a gloriously upbeat pop sound with beautiful tunes that'll stay in your head long after you've heard them, all delivered with an emotional sincerity and charismatic performance we can't wait to witness on a live stage. Tonight she takes to Notting Hill Arts Club on a bill that also features the anthemic brilliance of Scotland's Vigo Thieves, who nabbed themselves some exclusive Absolute Radio airplay with us a few weeks ago. You're guaranteed a fantastic show from these two artists if you can make it down there...

Tuesday 23rd April

Sean McGowan at The Ace Café: Stonebridge, London

London's Ace Café is the #1 spot for anyone who loves rock n' roll and all it entails. With its rockabilly décor, motorcycles and tasty burgers (hey, Elvis was a big fan), it makes the perfect setting for a Strummerville fundraiser. As a charity set up to honour the legacy of the legendary Joe Strummer by investing in schemes to promote new musical talent across the world, it's a very worthy cause in our book. Tonight's bill features rapidly rising talent Sean McGowan. He's been on our radar for some time now- his energetic fusion of acoustic songwriting and punk rock even made it onto one of our Absolute Radio slots last year. With a sound and talent to mirror what Strummer himself lived for, his addition to the line-up is absolutely spot on- and may be one of the last times you can see him in a venue as cosy as this. Well, he's kinda supporting Billy Bragg in the Brighton Dome at The Great Escape in May...

Thursday 25th April

Next, we have an act that needs no introduction on Emerging Icons. We reckon that we are quite possibly Fjokra's biggest fans. Since we stuck 'Slyrex' on our first compilation album that Kaiser Chiefs curated way back when, we've been following his promising career intently- and will insist on plugging every live performance he does until every last one of you have had that experience. He is an artist in the truest sense of the word; evolving creatively in every track as he dabbles and fuses genres and styles 'til he's made something entirely new. We'd love to know at what point the notion of splicing swing and heavy metal elements came about, but we do hope that this musical lunacy never comes to an end. This is about as fresh and unique as it gets, friends...

Sunday 28th April

Nothing pleases us more than when we see a whole load of our Emerging Icons on one bill. Not only does it make for one very exciting show, it also means that you guys can make more room on your gig calendars for other shows during the week. No excuses! This one's going to be a belter, so if you can make it down to The Exchange in Bristol, you'd be very wise to do so. It's Live Music Scene's sixth birthday, and to celebrate they've booked Wires to rock the stage in a mini-all-dayer alongside Black Elephant and Neotropics amongst other local treasures. Neotropics are an act that have really impressed us of late, boasting a sound that is so current we're just waiting for the time when the likes of Radio 1 swoop on in. Electronic pop with an alt-rock twist is about as 'now' as you can get, and with influences ranging from M83 to Bring Me The Horizon they're impeccably fresh. Have a listen and get yourself there.

Sunday 28th April

Brighton-based band The Watermelons continue their quest to spread their catchy melodic tunes across the land by getting amongst the new music lovers down at the University of Chichester's Students Union. There's nowt better than whiling away a Sunday afternoon with a few bevs and your close mates, and on this occasion you can also experience a taste of the summer with the high-energy indie rock of one of the genre's most promising new acts. They've already got the nod from Blur's Alex James, ranked alongside commercial giants in MTV's download charts and racked up countless reviews that praise them for their bouncy tunes, poppy hooks and lively stage presence. You don't need persuading when there's an act of this level putting on a show local to you. Be there.

Can't make it to any of these shows? Don't you go fretting! There's shitloads of top nights out just waiting to get into your social diary including shows from Fragile Creatures, Motorcycle Display Team and Dirty Freud. Find all the gigs from our Emerging Icons can be found by clicking the tab at the top of the homepage. Somebody ought to tell this guy...

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