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How to Leave Your Mundane Life for Travel

The only thing that can stand in the way of your dream is fear, but no worries, it's natural. I'm sure Christopher Columbus did a nervous poo before he set off to explore the world.

Does the following apply to you;

• You stand on a packed commuter train every morning with your face lodged firmly somebodies sweaty pit.

• You harbour a deep seated hatred for your bosses and sit in target meetings fantasising about screaming "I really don't care!!"

• Purchasing a new piece of Ikea furniture is the highlight of your month.

• You work your ass off every day so you can pay off your mortgage, build a pension and enjoy your life when you will be too old to move.

If these statements do apply and you are dying for a change then follow these simple steps to turn your life into one injected with adventure.

Step 1. Plan your great adventure

Where do you see yourself?

I'm escaping to Southeast Asia to surf, jungle trek, meditate with monks and dance on sandy white beaches. After that I'll be fulfilling my dream of living and working in Australia.

I'll let you in on a secret - you can travel and work wherever you like. I bet you're thinking you knew that already right? You knew it but you never actually wanted to believe it, because the thought that anything is possible is terrifying. Let that thought sink in, let it consume you, and then imagine how exciting your life is going to be.

The only thing that can stand in the way of your dream is fear, but no worries, it's natural. I'm sure Christopher Columbus did a nervous poo before he set off to explore the world.

Step 2. Save save save

You'll need to endure your monotonous routine for as long as it takes to rake in enough for your big adventure. It'll be your light at the end of the tunnel as you start to work to live rather than the contrary.

Depending on how desperate you are to leave you may need to sacrifice a few things. I told myself I would give up booze, which never transpired, so I gave up material possessions instead. Realising that you don't need the latest smartphone or tablet to survive is a liberating feeling.

Need new clothes? No you don't! You're going to travel the world, nobody will care what you're wearing.

Step 3. Tell everybody you know

Now is the time to sing it from the rooftops. Facebook it, tweet it, tell your Nan's cat or anybody else who'll listen.

Warning: Your friends will be envious and will try to board your adventure train. Others may plot to kill you.

Let the world know that you're meant for bigger and better things than the 9-5. You're off to explore this incredible world we live in. It'll change you and your life forever.

Step 4. Plan plan plan (but don't over plan)

Looking up travel gear and reading travel blogs will practically turn you into a recluse. On the plus side this will make it easier to say goodbye to friends and family.

The amount of research you do will depend on how long you plan to escape. Are you touring Europe for three weeks, or disappearing into the sunset forever?

Planning a RTW trip can be daunting. Luckily I've constructed a travel planning guide here to show you exactly what need's to be done.

Step 5. Sell everything and quit your job

You won't have realised how much junk you have been hoarding until now, those furry handcuffs under the bed, that vintage coin collection in the garage, you won't need it when you're hiking up a mountain or feeding wild horses, flog it!!

"Careers are a 20th century invention and I don't want one." ~ Christopher McCandless

I have a 'career' that's destroying my soul, defeats the object doesn't it? I'm strongly considering working my way around the world. Why the hell not? - I don't get this. Are you talking about yourself. Explain this better - use more words.

If your job is making you miserable then leave the damn job! Or better yet, take a sabbatical... and then quit. There is a whole plethora of inventive ways you can leave your workplace.


Ultimate freedom awaits. Nobody to tell you what to do, when to wake up or how to dress. The world is your oyster, so get out there and eat it whole!

Kate is currently making her way RTW and is documenting her journey at

You can also follow her photo journal by adding her to Instagram @LostLondoner