19/05/2015 09:54 BST | Updated 18/05/2016 06:59 BST

Mum Flu: Self Help Guide

Have you ever suffered from Mum Flu? Or worried that you might have Mum Flu?

Have you ever suffered from Mum Flu? Or worried that you might have Mum Flu?


Mum Flu: A virus that affects 9 in 10 mums


Mum flu is the worst kind, forget all the other flu's you've experienced. Nothing and I mean nothing beats this type of flu.

Mum Flu-Symptoms & Treatment


  • Similar to normal flu symptoms but far worse
  • Not wanting to get out of bed
  • Not wanting to shower
  • Prolonged dressing gown use
  • Not wanting to shave underarms
  • At one with your fluffy slippers
  • Unafraid of being out in public whilst donning the "dragged though a hedge backwards" look
  • Hug a mug issues


There are many reasons behind the causes to Mum Flu and research has discovered the the leading causes to be:

  • Prolonged sleep deprivation
  • Running around after children all day
  • Not enough "feet up" time
  • Housework overdose
  • Not enough adequate me time
  • Children that refuse sleep
  • Early risers that think waking at 4.30am is a good thing
  • Classing exercise as running up and down the stairs throughout the day


Self diagnosis is sufficient - you don't need anyone else to tell you what you already suspect.

Early signs means an earlier recovery though. So whilst most cases are treatable, some patients have encountered long term damage which means undergoing a monthly treatment schedule of your choice.


The good news is Mum Flu is treatable and dependent how long your suffering has gone on for, the more treatments will be required.

Suggestions to aid you in your recovery.

  • Spa day/Spa weekend
  • Beauty Salon treatments
  • Hair appointment
  • Coffee date with friends minus children
  • Date night with partner or friend
  • Long hot soaks in the bath with gin, vin rouge (your fave tipple)
  • Retail therapy as long as it's on items for you only
  • Sleep, lots of sleep - we can dream
  • Lay ins for at least a month - if you are lucky enough to have a partner to allow you to do this take full advantage
  • "Me time"
  • Relaxation of your choice


Unfortunately Mum Flu cannot be prevented, only minimised. By using the treatments suggested above you can limit the damage and lead a healthy, happy life.

Have you suffered from Mum Flu? Care to share any tips for suffering mums that don't know where to turn? Please feel free to comment below.