07/11/2016 09:43 GMT | Updated 06/11/2017 05:12 GMT

Five Holistic Ways To Manage The Overwhelm Of Motherhood

In our everyday life we often have so many roles to fulfil, all at the same time. Be it wife, mother, sister, daughter, colleague, boss and, the most important of all, being who we are. Always being in demand can be exhausting and draining. It can leave us feeling tired out, cranky and emotional with nothing left in the tank.

I became a mum for the first time in 2010. A shock to the system is an understatement! Not just the sleep deprivation but that this little person needed me 24/7, something I really was not used to. Slowly, though, I found my feet. Then, in 2011, my second son was born. An 18-month age gap between the two. Well, if my first-born wasn't enough of a shock, two so close together completely knocked me off of my feet, I was completely overwhelmed and I was diagnosed with post-natal depression. I wouldn't leave the house alone, I had no motivation and everything looked so bleak. I was prescribed medication, which helped, and advised to look at talking therapies. I went away and did some research and I was led towards holistic therapy. A way of helping both body and mind.

Here are five holistic ways I use, to manage overwhelm

A bedtime routine

No matter how much sleep you have, you feel constantly sleepy. Evenings are firmly set on the sofa with no energy.

Regardless of resting/going to bed, a busy mind will lead to a very tired mind and body. Try implementing a bedtime routine. Choose a bedtime and stick to it, wind down first with a hot drink, chamomile tea is perfect for calming the mind and relaxation. Lavender oil sprinkled on a tissue and placed by the bed will also induce good, calm sleep. As will an amethyst crystal placed beneath a pillow.

Controlled breathing

Feeling on edge all day long. You get snappy and irritable and things can make you jump very easily.

Steal a few moments to go somewhere quiet (even if it's escaping to the bathroom!) By closing our eyes, we can begin to relax our minds. Taking in deep breaths through the nose and out through the mouth helps our bodies to relax. After, at least, 5 breaths, we can slowly open our eyes and get back out there with a clear head.

Me time

You can become withdrawn and no longer feel like socialising and opt for a night in on the sofa rather than going out. Coffee dates no longer appeal and you would rather stay home in your own cosy little world.

Firstly, let me say, there is nothing wrong with staying in or being introvert. It is when leaving the house becomes a chore and conversation no longer comes easily that we may feel that we are withdrawing from those around us. If this is beginning to happen, taking some quality time on our own can help to refresh and renew mind and body. Me time can come in many forms, hiding away in bed reading a favourite book, a long bubble bath with a glass of wine, a long run in beautiful countryside. Whatever it is, schedule me time in every. single. day. It is not a luxury, but a necessity for our wellbeing.

Take one step at a time

Your to do list is so long that you have no idea where to start. In fact, you put off starting at all because it just seems futile.

Don't look at the to do list as a whole. Being so long can be overwhelming. Instead, prioritise the list and take one thing at a time. It's all about small, manageable steps. Focus on this one task until it is complete, without looking too far ahead. We are only one person, take one thing at a time and we will make steady progress and if need be, it's ok to ask for help.

Express yourself

Feeling teary and crying at the drop of a hat. So much emotion has built up and it just cannot be kept in anymore.

We need to express all of the pent up emotion. Let the tears out and have a good cry to clear the system. The process of release will help by itself. Once this has been released, it is good to balance and get grounded again. To do this, place both feet flat on the floor, eyes closed. Take a deep breath. Now visualise being pulled to the ground, with tree roots coming from both feet and growing deep into the earth, keeping us grounded and in touch with Mother Earth. Hold this visualisation for a couple of minutes before slowly opening your eyes. Stamp both feet lightly on the ground before getting up.

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