11/01/2012 17:52 GMT | Updated 12/03/2012 05:12 GMT

Day Seven in the Celebrity Big Brother House

The days of TV gold are no more, as Andrew Stone pirouetted out of the house tonight in the campest fashion imaginable. Not only did he have to leave dressed as a pantomime beast, but the world's smallest carriage complete with pigmy pony was parked up in the garden ready to feed him to the hungry crowd.

I had a feeling Andrew would be the first to go, and felt slightly sorry for him as he must of seen how effortless it was for Brian Dowling to camp it up and become everyone's best friend during his Big Brother stint; unfortunately Andrew Stone Ltd was camp but straight, and friendly but in way which would have you locking your bedroom door at night just in case he became lonely.

Speaking of Brian Dowling, he would be the ideal candidate to narrate this blog, and I am by no means what so ever jealous of his immaculate make up during the eviction show; if I attempted that sheen I would end up looking like Natalie during the bodybuilding task.

During his eviction interview Andrew flicked a switch and claimed everyone was suddenly in awe of him; even going so far as to say they wish they had changed their nominations. Have you ever heard of a little thing called lying to someone's face Mr Stone? Well that's what those backstabbing f***ers did to you, but as long as you are at one with yourself then all is well with the world once more.

In a twist more shocking than the fact that Kirk's snout looks better than his new nose job, Georgia was hoisted in to the diary room only to be told she had to nominate two of her fellow housemates to face the panto public vote this Friday. After tears faker than the twins butts, she was pressed by Big Bro some more and had no trouble blurting out Nicola and Natasha's names; if looks could kill then poor old Georgia would be no more. I had a quick skim over to the live stream straight after the show, as Bobby Dazzler Brian hypnotised my in to doing so, and both girls were waiting for Georgia outside the diary room then pounced on her with loving hugs to let her know how cool everything was.

Balls to that, where is the brute honesty? I was praying that a cat fight would have ensued, with dirty laundry, fake lashes and double Ds flying everywhere. I give it a day before the bitching begins and Kirk uses the opportunity to comfort Georgia, Essex style.

Oh, and did anyone else feel ever so slightly sick at the sight of Andrew giving Michael a foot massage? Not only were they in fancy dress, but Andrew was sat near the bed with his legs akimbo as Michael made some moaning sounds last heard in Natasha Gigg's bedroom.

I hope she gets the boot on Friday, as she continues her quest to cosy up to every male in the house in hope of changing the public's opinion on her. Just today she was cuddling up to a topless Kirk, but I feel the only way is exit for Miss Get Your Leg Over 2012.