Time to Think Positive About the Olympics

17/07/2012 17:06 BST | Updated 16/09/2012 10:12 BST

Today I woke up and thought right I've had enough of all this negative feedback about the forthcoming Olympics to London! I understand it means an influx of traffic and a huge diversion in the way we travel but honestly what is two weeks sacrifice in comparison to a life long legacy.

From a business perspective I think that it will generate new interest in perhaps some of the smaller start up companies in the London which other wise would not get such magnified exposure The games will not only create a real buzz but it will also breathe a fresh breath of air into London .

I was delighted to be appointed the role as a GREAT Britain Campaign ambassador as it meant I can now voice my support toward the Olympic and Paralympic games and how I believe it will deliver long term economic benefits and create new opportunities whilst inspiring the younger generation to partake in sports. A large part of the aim of these games is to inspire the youth of Britain, and across the world. An official 2012 education programme is already in place with a wide range of resources being available for children.

I understand the travel implications which will be endured for my staff at my studio but it is nothing in the grand scheme of things that can't be carefully planned and taken into consideration. We should be celebrating hosting the monumental event here in the capital and looking forward to a huge boost in tourism and financial growth.

It is all about positive thinking- yes I understand that this will be a huge adjustment to our everyday lives but let's try and see past this negative thought process and welcome the invitation of something new. On a daily basis I take inspirational from the wise guiding from books such as Michael Heppel's Flip it and Syncrodestiny by Deepak Chopen which I highly recommend to boost positive feeling in still reluctant Londoners!

To conclude I strongly believe the 2012 Olympics will really create a sense of positive patriotism equal to that which we saw during the Jubilee celebrations. People all throughout the country will unite to cheer on their athletes and this will heighten our sense of national pride.

So lets have a little more positivity from our press!

Kelly x