18/11/2011 18:14 GMT | Updated 11/02/2012 05:12 GMT

Sienna, Natasha and Savannah - I'm So Proud of My Girls!

I am so proud of my daughter Natasha, and my step daughters Savannah and Sienna. Not only have they been very successful in turning their passions into professions, but they are all dedicated to giving something back and making a real change.

My daughter Natasha has recently launched an amazing food range called Honestly Healthy, which gives people balanced nutrition that really nourishes the body.

I couldn't get by without her amazing snacks and fridge-filling service!

Honestly Healthy compliments her holistic retreats, that are such a respite to grounding yourself and finding balance again. She really is an inspiration to me, and a reminder of the importance of taking the time to look after yourself.

In addition to her businesses which centres on wellbeing, Natasha has also done some important work for charity. In 2005 she and Laura Fraser held a jungle-themed fundraiser in Notting Hill for their Why Not? charity.

That night they raised an amazing £100,000 for orphans of the Rwandan genocide.

Savannah will be welcoming the newest member into her family very soon, but she still manages to find time to use her fashion talent to raise funds for various charities.

From judging wearable art fairs, promoting new ways of recycling with school children, to designing gorgeous T-shirts, Savannah's creativity is really making a difference.

She recently designed a T-shirt for Survival International featuring the artwork of David Cooper.

Survival International works to protect and preserve the traditional way of life for tribal people across the globe, so with every purchase you get not only a great looking T-shirt, but you'll also be contributing to a very worthy cause.

Aside from being an amazing actor and creating art which awes, inspires and moves people, Sienna is dedicated to her work with the International Medial Corps.

For the past three years she has been an ambassador the the charity and was this week honoured for her work.

Far from just lending her name to the charity, she has gone the extra mile to really educate herself - visiting rape survivors in the Democratic Republic of Congo, famine sufferers in Ethiopia and victims of the Haitian Earthquakes.

On 7 November she also launched a special ebay auction of her favourite items in her own wardrobe to help raise funds for the IMC.

With $0.92 from every $1.00 donation going directly to local workers around the globe connected with the IMC (the additional $0.08 goes to administration of the charity), this charity has an approach that is not only sustainable, but also culturally appropriate and empowering to the communities they help.

The IMC has projects all across the globe offering health care training, relief and development in some of the world's most impoverished nations.

The work they do is powerful and I know Sienna has really been affected by the practical and human approach they take to dealing with some very challenging problems.

You can see Sienna's full acceptance speech where she talks about the work of the IMC and what it has meant to her over the past 3 years on YouTube.

You'll see in the clip a shocking statistic that sparked Sienna's interest in doing more.

Knowledge is so powerful and I truly believe in the need to pass on what you've learned to others. That's the reason I started my Design School, but in the past year I've looked at how to use the web to share even more. That's why I adore blogging here on the Huffington Post UK!

I also really believe that making smarter more ethical choices when you shop can make a real difference. This Autumn marked the release of my second collection with Earth Couture which aside from being a collection of organic loungewear designed to make you feel great a portion of sales go to helping stop the spread of malaria in Africa. Now I'm even looking for ways to have a portion of the sales of my furniture range to contribute to charity.

I am so proud of my family and the work they do, but even more so of their commitment to do good work in a variety of different ways.

From charitable projects around the world to reinforcing the importance of your own wellbeing, my girls truly inspire me to remain committed to giving back.

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