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10 Facts About President Kenyatta

  1. His father was the first Prime Minister and the President of Kenya.
  2. Attended elite Catholic Saint Mary's School in Nairobi and then went to Amherst College, Massachusetts, United States, and graduated with a bachelor's degree in politics and economics.
  3. Former President of Kenya Daniel Moi supported his bid for the presidency in 2002.
  4. In 1999, he was the chairman of Kenya Tourism Board
  5. He led his party KANU in Campaigns against the Draft Constitution in 2005 having teamed up with Raila Odinga's Liberal Democratic Party to form Orange Democratic Movement.
  6. In 2007 Kenya's election, he withdrew from the Presidential election and said that he would back Kibaki for re-election. He said that he did not want to run unless he could be sure of winning.
  7. In 2009, as Finance minister, he directed that government Ministers, along with Assistant Ministers and Permanent Secretaries, to surrender their Mercedes-Benz government cars for Volkswagen Passats.
  8. In 2011, Forbes listed him as among the Africa's 40 richest individuals. This is due to his family's vast Kenyan landholdings and a variety of businesses including a dairy.
  9. He was born on the same year as Obama, the President of United States.
  10. In his inauguration speech, he promised to provide free lap tops to children who will be starting public school in 2014.

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