21/09/2015 12:37 BST | Updated 18/09/2016 06:12 BST

The Benefits of Organic Beauty

There are many misconceptions surrounding the word 'organic'. To most it spells overly expensive food produce, but we're now seeing more and more celebrities including Julia Roberts, Gisele Budchen and closer to home Michelle Keegan turning exclusively 'organic' for their makeup and skincare.

This month, the Soil Association' is running #CampaignForClarity to tell the beauty industry that 'greenwashing' is no longer acceptable. If you choose a product because it contains organic ingredients, you want to be sure that that is what you're getting, not just insignificant amounts of ingredients that hold no active properties. If you follow celebrity news, you'll have no doubt seen Jessica Alba's natural beauty company 'Honest' being accused of exactly that. It's all so confusing, no wonder the average consumer has no idea where to start.

So why go organic, and how can you tell which products are effective?

We're all intelligent consumers and appreciate that buying organic has a host of benefits to animal, people and planet. But the biggest myth to bust is cost. Switching to an organic beauty regime can sometimes end up saving you money. Not only are they often cheaper than well known designer brands available in our favourite department stores, you'll also find many products (some listed below) that can double up for more than one purpose. And if you do spend a few pounds more, then you'll rest safe in the knowledge that your makeup doesn't contain low-cost synthetic ingredients, which keeps the costs down for high street brands.

Organic products are better for your skin. FACT. I bet most of you didn't know that some conventional skincare or makeup brands use plastic (yes there's plastic in your makeup which passes through your body) in their products to create that incredible finish.

There are many wonderful, accessible skin care brands out there that address every skin issue. Holland & Barrett stock some great entry-level brands, like Lavera (starting at £2.50), which has a comprehensive range of great products, as well as Purity, available at Superdrug (from £4.99). If you're looking for something more complex, Nourish Skin Range, Pai Skin Care and Aurelia Probiotic Skincare are fantastic.

Now that your skin is taken care, the need to cover it up becomes less of a priority. However, if you simply love makeup and can't loose the foundation, brands like Zao Makeup are gaining a huge following because they offer great range of colour cosmetics that considers all ethnicities (often the one thing lacking in organic and natural skincare, although that is certainly improving) and have great packaging to boot.

It takes approximately 28 days for your skin to renew, so using organic products is not an instant fix. Much like the principal of organic farming practices, which take a proactive approach as opposed to treating problems after they emerge.

If you do decide to switch, look out for organic certified brands to ensure there is a minimum of 70% certified organic ingredients. There are some brands that are very clean but don't carry a certification as this only exists for food items in some countries. Always check the ingredients, the less, the better!

Here are our top 6 must-haves which meet our criteria!

RMS Lip to Cheek -, £28

This great multi-tasking product adds a pop of colour to cheeks and is perfect for daytime lipstick too.

Ilia Lipstick -, £22

This lipstick is highly pigmented, creates a creamy, semi-matte finish and is very conditioning for the lips. It comes in an excellent range of colours to match a number of skin tones.

Green People organic volumising Mascara -, £14.75

A natural, conditioning mascara that adds length and volume. It nourishes the roots and conditions the lashes for excellent definition.

Lavera liquid liner -, £11.50

This liquid liner has great definition and staying power. The easy to use applicator creates a fine stroke across the lid that is fast drying and long lasting.

Couleur Caramal eyeshadow -, £11

These highly pigmented shades structure, highlight and illuminate the eyes. Available in matte and shimmer options, they have a silky texture and excellent hold.

Kjaer Weis Foundation -, £49

This cream foundation doubles up as a concealer and has great buildable coverage with a flawless, high-definition finish.