My Lovelorn Love Letter for Mississippi Isabel

11/05/2012 16:13 BST | Updated 11/07/2012 10:12 BST

My name is King Charles and last week I released my debut album called LoveBlood. It's full to hilt with songs of love and loss and as 'the king of unrequited love' I don't mind sharing tales of the losses that inspired some of the songs on the album. On LoveBlood, there are three songs dedicated to a lady who I call Mississippi Isabel. Just for The Huffington Post UK, the below is one of the love letters to Isabel that speak of my affection.

To Mississippi Isabel,

My darling, doll face, angel, seraph, cherub cheeks, sweetheart, pudding, sugar lips, honey skin, speed of light, dawn light, cookie dough, milli-dollar note, where the hell are my flowers, love letters, messages, calls, kisses, sighs of longing, poems of longing, recitals of romance, roars of romance, howls of panting passion and songs of distress that you've not been by my side night and day since we last kissed?

You're the grain of sand of my sand dune, lost rain drop of my ocean, defining atom of my metal, crescendo of my concerto; you're the dance with a darling in spring time, the curl of the lips in summers smile, the rhythm of arriving winter, the memory of these in autumn's style.

The petal protecting the pollen, the oyster proud of his pearl, the cactus defending her water, the flesh of a jealous girl.

Bloated blood, thick and oozing, a siren's scent, and pomegranate pussy: these are the things that make you delightful; I wanna claim you in the day and chain you in the night time.

Why would I drop off a blood red rose to an empty house, to no-one? The blood that stained this rose red was shed for love's survival, to be received in the prime of its death! In order that you would see your beauty reflected in every open petal - lithe as drawn swords, primed predators around pollen, living just to mirror and protect my passion for you.

But you are as interested as lightning is in laughing, as statues are in dancing, a gang is in surrender, a lioness in charming.

I don't know what to do with you..

My dear darling, my heart is aching with fatigue having not seen you for so long, every cell of my flesh trembles in shame as every cell of me chants to be close to you again - so close that I hear every breath leave your lungs; so close that your heart beat pumps my blood; ever closer still my darling that every falling foot on my journey towards you stamps impending triumph upon the distance between us.

I miss you now like raging hunger, like drought driven hippos who madly miss mud, like stagnant water that yearns to flow, like the running father and the prodigal son.

I favour the drifty dream world where as lovers we could dwell, untouched by time at the moment the blossom fell.

All my love,


The album LoveBlood is out now and available in all the usual places. And if you'd like to find out more about Mississippi Isabel then this is a great place to start.