07/10/2013 08:28 BST | Updated 23/01/2014 18:58 GMT

Make Friends With Your Wisdom

Funny how we always run to our friends to share our problems, yet more often than not, that's looking for answers in all the wrong places.

Its your best friend, who will never let you down!

I'm always telling my friends and clients ''Make friends with your wisdom''

Funny how we always run to our friends to share our problems, yet more often than not, that's looking for answers in all the wrong places. It's great to have a sympathetic ear to hear us out and offer loving support; however, keep in mind that others will always give you their opinions purely based on their own personal experience.

How do I make friends with my wisdom?

By sitting in stillness and silencing the mind. This is something many people find challenging and admittedly, being quiet and listening takes patience, effort and time. You really have to be fully present in your body. This means, not living in your head and being an engaged slave to all the chattering noise upstairs. Being in your body simply means 'feeling' instead of 'thinking' and being completely immersed in the moment. Future and past does not exist in this space which 'you' have the ability to create.

Once you have established a foundation within yourself, where you feel comfortable in your seat and settled in your bones, you can start to connect with your best friend, 'wisdom' - though you can call him or her by any name you deem suitable.

Ask what ever question which you require an answer to. Listen and witness what comes up or hear the loudest internal voice. This maybe your answer or even a clue. If you're not sure or can't get an answer straight away, you can ask for a sign or guidance. The sense you use the most to process information, will usually be the medium through which you receive your answer. For example, if you're a very visual person, you may see your answer in picture form.

My wisdom has never cheated me or lied to me, in fact, its the other way round. I am the one who has deceived my best friend by not listening even though my gut feeling told me otherwise. When I've ignored my wisdom, I've always had to pay for the consequences -like the time I woke up to get to a Yoga class and I could hear wisdom saying ''You need to rest your physical body''. Of course, I injured myself in the class that day and couldn't participate in any physical activity for a month - not a good move when your livelihood depends on your body!

Its a practice

Please remember that it will take time to get to know your wisdom, just as it would, someone you forge a relationship with. Be patient and kind to yourself and over time this practice will strike up a magical connection between you and your new found, best friend - 'wisdom'

Good luck meeting your best friend who has always been there for you and I dare say, will loyally be here forever! :))

Ladan Soltani - Author of 'Fabulous fitness at 40'