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Sluts, Sweet Fannies and Giving the Boys an Eyeful

My mind is a soup of feminist thoughts what with the present renaissance. Finally, feminism is no longer a dirty word and thoseno longer front the various movements. Vive la revolution.

My mind is a soup of feminist thoughts what with the present renaissance. Finally, feminism is no longer a dirty word and those rabid ugly women with penis envy no longer front the various movements. Vive la revolution.

Current front- feminist -runners are Femen. The Ukrainian hotties, who go topless to publicise their campaigns. Such methods are fantastically effective, semi naked young women exploiting the male gaze. Who'd have thought! They made page three news in my Sunday broadsheet . Next it's the Slut Walkers they use a similar method; by owning the word slut they render it meaningless.

We are living in a hyper sexualised society in which we are forced to opt out of the porn culture- rather than opt in. Go figure.

On Facebook the latest craze is birth cakes, sweet sponge vaginas with baby fillings. No half decent shower should be without one. It is a most inventive way of rendering pink buttercream icing.

Confession: I am a very bad example of a woman. I like to buy my own drinks. Heels, handbags and glad rags hold very little interest.

On a recent trip to Nice at a seafront restaurant, there hung, half way up the stairs, a picture of a young Sophia Loren. Her arms were raised and 'shock horror' her under arm hair on view.

Recently female artist Petra Collin's picture 'the hairless norm' showing her pubic hair was censored by instagram.

When did this war start? Is shaving one's pubis really reminiscent of prepubescent girls? Are women so self loathing to willing undergo painful waxing just to be like little girls - or is it, once shaven, a sexual revelation and worth the pain of every emptied follicle?

How political is a naked body? How much real freedom can be found in a burka?

It's easy to take your top off when your tits are pert and pretty but saggy and stretched marked it's a whole other story.

A friend is a party organiser. He organises spectacular dos for the uber wealthy - mainly men. He was telling us about the gorgeous women he invites - or rather pays to attend.

'So you procure women?'

'You calling me a pimp?'

'You pay women to come to your parties.'


'Young beautiful girls.' He corrects himself, 'Women.'

Imagine being 18 to 25 and how exciting to be asked to a party with the promise of all that is wonderful, the most sumptuous feasts, free alcohol, drugs and powerful, wealthy men.

'When's the next party?' I asked - except I would never be invited: wrong age, girth, attitude.

'Do the girls have to sleep with the men?'

'We don't force them to have sex.'

It's subtly encouraged though... implicit. It's so easy for young men and women enthralled by wealth or drugs or five star partying and being high as kites to indulge in the whims of others without thinking they are being bought.

But at the end of the day they are being bought.

'Everyone has a price,' he says, 'And what's the harm if they have a great time.'

I find it funny that men such as Dominic Strauss Khan claimed to think the stunning women at the sex parties he frequented weren't being paid. Are men his age and ilk really so naïve to believe a beautiful eighteen-year old is attracted to greying pubes and a mangy old cock?

Youth is easily manipulated; many of us have first hand knowledge of this.

We've all made mistakes.

Fact No1: Men like looking at pretty girls, especially naked pretty girls .

Fact No2:Women like dressing up for men and of course for themselves.

Undeniably one's appearance was for centuries the only permissible way a women was allowed to express herself .

It's the way of the world.

Just like domestic violence, abuse, and rape?

When I was a little girl I wrote a letter to Jimmy Saville. I wanted to meet Elvis. I loved the way he looked. I loved the way he shook his hips.

I've also been thinking about twerking and the difference in media reactions to Miley Cyrus' and Rihanna's - is it a matter of race?

On a train to a wedding in Manchester I and a friend (a lesbian) discussed being defined and defining oneself by one's sexuality. I find that thought as depressing as being defined by one's gender.

One day one hopes one may be defined beyond gender, sexuality and treated as a human.