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10 Things I Love About Breastfeeding

To the random mum on the street I've never met - I don't care about how you feed your baby all I care is that you do feed your baby. I don't care that you don't care how I feed mine, but let me assure you mine is fed (and fed and fed and fed but that's another story.)

Once again breastfeeding has hit the news with the Primark story, though it seems to me it only ever hits in a negative light. In a way that doesn't portray what breastfeeding means to so many. With many negative messages about breastfeeding spreading like wildfire. Whereas any of the pro-breastfeeding articles aren't being showcased as they are seen as being "pressurising" "braggy" or "looking down" on those that don't breastfeed.

I don't know why this is the case, I don't think it should be.

To the random mum on the street I've never met - I don't care about how you feed your baby all I care is that you do feed your baby. I don't care that you don't care how I feed mine, but let me assure you mine is fed (and fed and fed and fed but that's another story.)

What I do care about is that there is a positive message about breastfeeding out there, one that provides the counter argument to every "I hated breastfeeding" post which seems to get the limelight. A post that promotes a positive message while not undermining the fact that breastfeeding IS hardwork and that breastfeeding comes with it's own struggles.

A positive breastfeeding message that doesn't try to pressurise you into breastfeeding.

With all that said, I decided to share with you all the ten reasons why I, personally, love breastfeeding.

10. Its free

Have you seen the price of formula these days??

9. I can do it with one arm

Heck, I am even working on being able to do it hands free (involving leaning and cushions, I'll let you know how that goes) Leaving the other free to play Lego, or planes, or play doh, or cuddle with my toddler.

8. I am inherently lazy

I couldn't be bothered with the faff of getting up at night and making a bottle, I MUCH prefer rolling over and flopping my boob out to feed my hungry baby while drifting back off to sleep.

7. It's the right temperature

It would appear that Baby Boy has inherited my lack of patience. He would not tolerate having to wait for a bottle to heat up or cool down. Quite frankly my ears also won't tolerate the screaming that accompanies this.

6. I am forgetful

I'd never remember to pack enough bottles for a day out. Can't forget your boobs though can you?

even if they do trail behind me these days

5. It is my excuse to eat LOTS of Cake

I eat what I like. When I like. OK so this is mainly cake and the excuse is I'm breastfeeding I need the calories.

Ok ok ok I probably don't and if I do its from good healthy food not beautiful blissful toblerone cheesecake. But hey. I'm breastfeeding what's your excuse?

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4. I take time out for cuddles

In a world where I'm constantly rushing around to pick the toddler up from nursery or run to our latest playdate it's good for me to remember to take a moment to stop and snuggle my baby boy. To feed him to a state of milk drunk and feel his heavy weight in my arms watching his eyelids flutter to a close. To block out the crazy world and just be close with my littlest man.

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3. Breast milk is incredible

When I fed the toddler I took part in a PhD study analysing breast milk. Everyone's is different. Genetically designed to be the correct fit for their baby. Filled with different proteins, sugars and amino acids. Stuffed full of antibodies. Clever stuff.

Not only that but did you know that breast milk is also a natural pain reliever? I fed my little one immediately after his first set of injections and I swear I saw this 2 day old baby (Dubai remember - TB jab) visibly relax in my arms. Much faster than just a cuddle would.

2. My boobs don't get left on the table

I'm naturally a messy person.

I hate to wash and sterilise. I am not much good at tidying things away. Half full bottles of milk hanging around (probably for my toddler to chew on and drink, yuk) would be the order of the day. At least my boobs are attached to me and can't get left on the table.

Unfortunately they do now rest on it.....

1. I worked hard to get to this point and I'm proud of myself

I'm not going to lie and say breastfeeding was all roses and rainbows. It wasn't. Blocked ducts. Mastitis. Bleeding cracked nipples. A baby that didn't want to be put down. Blood in my milk. No routine. Leaking. With Baby Boy him turning slightly blue at my first attempt to feed (due to him being swollen from the 17 hour non progressive labour ending in rupture and c section). Being in tears to the helpline with the Toddler because I couldn't work out how on earth he should latch.

I have worked hard to get breastfeeding established.

Breastfeeding is AN ACHIEVEMENT. Something which is often overlooked and I, for one, I am amazingly proud of myself for achieving.

I love breastfeeding for giving me that confidence to be proud in my ability to give what I want to give to my children. To be proud of the choices I've made whilst not belittling the choices of others.

Whilst I have my own 10 reasons I love breastfeeding these could be different to someone else's 10 reasons, someone else might say they love it because it's tailor made, or because it's virtually impossible to over feed a breast fed baby.

Whatever your reasons are for loving the way you feed, let us all just take one thing from this, it doesn't have to be a feeding war, breast vs. bottle, breastfeeding doesn't have to be associated with pressure to feed or that if you breastfeed you are a formula hater, by loving breastfeeding and being proud of myself for my achievement at overcoming the struggles I have overcome I am not raining on your parade I am simply celebrating my own.