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The Insecurity of Beauty

Model Cameron Russel just recently created a Ted talk, where what she explained was pretty predictable compared to the way she appeared like.

She showed nervousness by trying to catch her breath while presenting (and even thou it was not intended by her) it underlined her point perfectly. "Image is powerful" but "Looks aren´t everything. Believe me, I´m a model."

She was expected to give a flawless speech, before she started talking. Why so? Well, her image seems to implement that.

Cameron criticizes the model business and points out, that the prettiest girls are the ones most insecure about themselves. How come?

The famous first impression has got a lot to do with expectation. With expectation comes pressure for the one who is "expected", because he or she is expected to be a certain someone.

Is it not easy to reduce someone on his appearance? Is it not difficult to point out someone's outstanding personality, if the appearance stands out already? Do we not expect a handsome businessman to perform properly and a nerdy businessman to have trouble performing confidently? It is obvious who owns the good cards to surprise the audience in a positive way and who is set out to either just confirm the expectation or disappoint them.

Styling is a powerful instrument to re-enact an image of you. Cameron recreated her image by entering the stage in a sexy and sophisticated mini-dress and changing into an ankle-covering skirt, as well as a knitted sweater. She completely turned her image up side down with the costume. Wait. Why is that the costume and not the dress she wore in the first place? Because she is a model? Maybe she is just a model who does not care about fashion?

The audience of her Ted talk complemented her speech with all those hidden confirmations of the cliché Cameron tried to explain - she exposed her points with the audience´s reaction!

On the one hand, to socially network, image will simplify connecting to people. On the other hand - have pretty women not always had difficulties to integrate themselves within a new core group, when they carried the danger to outshine others? Jealousy is a natural feature that pretty women have to deal with every day. They often have to justify why they have gained things and prove their hard work, in order to confirm that their achievement was rightful and not gained as a side effect of their image. Prejudice are a constantly present phenomenon, but can be overcome after profound getting to know each other.

Cameron will not be seen as an superficial individual anymore, since she authentically clarified her appreciation for the advantages she gains from her genetic code, as well as she is clear in her mind about the things beauty brings with it.

I display my view of "the insecurity of beauty" not only as a woman, but also as a fashion blogger ( Mood influences most women with their styling in the morning where at you can see how much personality can be displayed within a look. Styling is my main item to express my image and with the vein of my personal style, I try to send a message.

Cameron Russel is a great example of a down to earth and sophisticated woman who knows how to express appreciation and understatement.

Think about it next time you implement or receive prejudice about beauty.