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How To Get Heath Back On Track

I am back on my mission to bring back health to my life and share any knowledge I collect on the way. Well I have got a treat for you. I have learnt so much in this last four days that even if I share some of it you'd get great value from reading this post. Knowledge transferred courtesy of Ti Sana Detox Resort and Spa in Italy.

I like to think of myself as fairly knowledgeable when it comes to health and fitness, not an expert by any means but I have spent years finding what works for me (when I observe the routine that is). I had vaguely heard of the principles they are teaching here before but I see it now with so much clarity. Basically, you must follow the cycle of the sun and subsequently your cortisol cycle. You should get up in the morning and 'stress' the body to have the peak of cortisol nature intended. Stress it means HIIT (high intensity interval training) exercise, fuller meals including carbs, cold air etc. Then after 4pm no stress so only yoga type exercise, warmth, meals composing of protein and vegetables but no carbs. This way you should produce the right hormones at night to sleep and the right ones during the day to be at your optimal. When I look at myself and others I know who have issues de-stressing or sleeping but aren't living this lifestyle, it is like a lightbulb moment. They run several tests while you are here to define your health and what needs to change. There is even a medical spa overseen by a doctor should you need it.


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I made a promise to myself in March 2017 to put a higher priority on my health, to accept less stress and get some of 'me' back. The long version is covered in my vlog 'Update & Goal 2017'. I had been trying to find time to visit Italy for over a year, enough was enough, I booked my flight. Last minute and the times that worked for me was with Ryanair so that just had to do. It was the usual no-frills service but really cheap and we arrived on time.

I was collected from the airport by Massimo Ti Sana's driver and I worked the whole journey; airplane, waiting in the lounge and car. When I arrived all I intended to do was blog, vlog and chill. I was not prepared for the absolute treat that greeted me. I am not exaggerating when I say this place could change your life!


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The building itself is beautiful!! I am in love with Northern Italy and its architecture. Every inch of the décor and furnishing were luxury. The spa was beautiful and the best thing was the restricted number of people here. Every time I went there I was pretty much the only one...heaven. I had a few treatments which were great and the 30 minute deep tissue was among the best I have ever had.


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The whole place is designed for health. They strike an excellent balance between education, nutrition, fitness, lifestyle and health. I have been to some good retreats before but they only cover one element like weight loss or fitness. This place had it all covered. Each morning is a fitness class, breakfast, 60-minute walk, snack, lesson, lunch, treatments/ spa, snack, gentle exercise (Pilates/ stretching), dinner.


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The food is sugar, caffeine, meat and alcohol free. It is an almost vegan affair, which is not my usual taste. However, I am more than aware that recently I have been reaching for the chocolate bar or a glass of wine in an evening to ease the pressure of everyday modern life. So, 4 days as a tee-total vegan will not hurt. I had mild headaches on two of the days but consider that my own fault for over indulging on caffine in the UK.


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Apart from the following the sun tip, the main thing I will take away from here is learning to breathe. Sounds ridiculous written down but I have been doing meditation type breathing and feel a whole heap better for it. Just a few moments in the day is enough to reduce stress levels and regain composure.


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I really hope I can take these teachings forward into my everyday life and finally find the balance of health I have been looking for. I would recommend anyone who is struggling with; stress, diet, weight, fitness, balance, tiredness to come here, it is a magical place in the Italian countryside.


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