31/10/2014 11:18 GMT | Updated 31/12/2014 05:59 GMT

Nigel Farage, Andrew Lawrence and Ukip - The Biggest Whiners in Society

Bloomberg via Getty Images

Right-wingers are the most whinging, whining, self-pitying, intellectually frightened milksops going. If right wingers are supposed to be tough-guys, then Nigel Farage - the pied piper of twats - needs to have a word with the lily-livered doormats that constitute the rank and file of his twats brigade.

Last week a comedian called Andrew Lawrence outed himself as a bigot in a Facebook post attacking "ethnic comedians and women posing as comedians". In it he somehow managed to link his dislike of a BBC comedy panel show to Britain's immigration policy. It was an insane connection to make. It made no sense then and it makes no sense now.

He then tried to clarify his position on women by talking about "females" as if he was a vet being interviewed on Countryfile - and he displayed ignorance of his privilege as a white man in his clarification of "ethnic comedians".

In this clarification he seemed unable to comprehend a world where skin colour and ethnicity are something people who aren't Andrew Lawrence have to think about on a daily basis. As a result he wants them to shut up and be invisible.

When people legitimately challenged Andrew's point of view - providing him with logic, evidence and counter-argument - Andrew did what any Ukip-loving coward does - he hid behind a paranoid and imagined claim of persecution to avoid responding to the challenges leveled his way.

That's because it's difficult to offer decent arguments when you're wrong and bigotry is all you have to fall back on.

A witch-hunt he called it. But this was and continues to be utter nonsense. It is a lame-arse tactic from those on the right who attempt to derail any scrutiny of their sloganeering and unsubstantiated claims.

More than anything, it is comical and revealing to see right wingers who constantly bemoan there not being a proper discussion about immigration immediately shut down any debate about immigration when their world view is challenged.

This is how Andrew Lawrence and his supporters went:

"I hate immigrants and women and ethnic minorities. Why? It's just how I feel okay. It's just my opinion. Don't stand there and try to make me justify it with evidence and logic and reasoned arguments. It's just my opinion. I'm shutting down the debate. Because it's just my opinion. And you're not allowed to challenge me with counter-opinions. What is this? A witch-hunt? Don't persecute me. This is a conspiracy. A militant, liberal, BBC, PC brigade conspiracy. I'm just saying my opinion. Stop challenging my opinion with your opinion. That's not fair. This is bullying. You're bullying me because you're challenging the values I've put into the public domain. That's not fair. I should be able to say what I want and not have it countered or challenged. I shouldn't have to back up my strident claims. This isn't how public debate takes place. This is bullshit!"

And this has been the response of nearly every whining adult baby defending Andrew Lawrence - all attempting to shift attention away from the arguments countering their world view.

Above all, these self-pitying, hard done by right wingers fail to understand the history of how human interaction takes place, namely: one person says an idea - then another person responds with another idea. That's democracy boys. If you don't like it Ukipers - go and live somewhere else. This is England. This is Britain. If you don't like our values then you should sod off somewhere else. One person coming up with an opinion to counter your own is not them trying to censor you. It's them doing exactly what you do. It's offering an opinion.

And if they do so stridently and forcefully, then defend your position stridently and forcefully if you still believe in your original statement. This crying and whining from those putting out big views and not being able to handle a big response is embarrassing.

And so enter Nigel Farage, who crept out of his crypt to put an arm round Andrew like a Dracula sugar-daddy.

"I do feel sorry for Mr Lawrence," he writes in the Independent. "I'm sure it must be somewhat disconcerting for him to be embroiled in all of this just for speaking his mind."

Right there Nigel Farage does everything I've highlighted above. The maudlin self-pity is there. The imagined persecution. The lie that an individual is being attacked for speaking their mind rather than it being the ideas they express which are being attacked. This lie that is calculated to grant someone immunity from being challenged. This lie that attempts to shift the debate into a blind alley of right wing martyrdom - a disingenuous battleground chosen on their own terms where they are no longer subject to the rules of evidence, logic, reason or argument.

Despite Andrew Lawrence, UKIP and Nigel Farage bleating about the right to be heard - they actually hate the democratic exchange of ideas - they hate it and run away from it - they cry, they moan, they bitch and they protest - because it leaves them open to scrutiny and exposes how flimsy their world view is.