17/11/2014 09:13 GMT | Updated 10/01/2015 05:59 GMT

Mother Nature: Gentle Therapist and Housekeeper

It's snowing. You wouldn't think there are lots of kinds of snow but there are. For example, there are the big fat fluffy flakes that drift and float, silently smiling as they gently cover the world in a soft sparkling blanket. They are friendly. Happy. Cheerful little kids seeking playmates. That kind of snow warms your heart and makes you want to daydream by a fire with a cup of cocoa.

And swooshing off rooftops and tree branches in blasts of whistling wind are the thin, erratic, angry flakes that look like swarms of wasps, rushing and swirling through the air without direction. They are irritated. Restless. Irascible missiles seeking vulnerable targets. That kind of snow makes you want to draw the curtains and pull the duvet over your head.

Today's snow is one of those. Perhaps it is because I am ultra sensitive to my environment and to the energy around me - one of the reasons I am a professional psychic and medium - or perhaps it is because we are a part of the Earth and Nature. But whatever the reason, I am highly affected by the weather.

I used to say that I was like a barometer; hang me on a wall and I will be able to tell you if a storm is coming, or a chinook, a sunny day etc. I felt like I was at the mercy of the weather.

Now I choose to see the weather as being of benefit to me by using it as an emotional barometer.

If you're like most people, you can tend to stuff or ignore your feelings - whether due to busy-ness or a load of other reasons. That's never a good thing; it can adversely affect your health in some pretty powerful ways. I found out a frightening amount of information about just how that works while researching my book, The Power and Simplicity of Self-Healing, so now I am much more respectful of the mind/emotion/body connection.

If a situation is bothering you, do you take time to sit with it and figure out how to handle it? Do you fully acknowledge the blissful moments in your life and truly cherish them? Do you allow yourself the opportunity and freedom to feel whatever it is you're feeling - whether on the happy end of the spectrum or not?

It's easy to allow Life to be too busy or to get in the way of noticing what is going on for us. You might be a super busy person as so many others are and sometimes you might need to be reminded to check in with yourself and see what's going on. Perhaps you could let the weather be the nudge you need. On the pretty, sunny days, take time to let people know you love them. Consider and appreciate the many blessings in your life. Even in the worst situations, there are always blessings; you just have to look for them.

And on a blustery, swirling snow day like today, allow yourself to contemplate anything that might be upsetting you, causing you anger or irritation, something that is disturbing the peace your Spirit craves. Maybe there is some unfinished business that requires your attention. Do you need to leave something in the past and let it go? Do you owe someone an apology? Is it time to forgive yourself and move forward?

Let Mother Nature's quiet 'Outer World' reminders help you to stay on top of your 'Inner World' housekeeping. It's a great opportunity to make sure all is well and that you are balanced and truly taking care of yourself.

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