19/03/2013 09:37 GMT | Updated 18/05/2013 06:12 BST

Big Data, Big Ideas and Small Victories

Entrepreneurs are quite often the envy of many major companies; acting on gut-feel and disrupting established markets. However, what many start-ups lack can quite often be found in abundance in larger organisations - customer data.

Industry headlines have been dominated by the emergence of big data and the capture, curation, analysis and interpretation of this burgeoning knowledge. We believe that by marrying your customer data with your business intuition, you stand a much better chance of responding to and pre-empting changing consumer needs.

At Metro we've taken consumer interactions from one product and used them to successfully launch a new platform. From our Tablet Edition we saw 70% of our customers reading past page 4 in a linear fashion subsequently finishing the entirety of a 100-page issue. This insight coupled with some smart thinking from our development team led to the implementation of swipe functionality on our new responsively designed website. The results have been incredibly encouraging with significant increases in page views from swipe users.

Google highlight that 90% of people move between different digital devices to accomplish tasks, leading to increased amounts of data from both the device itself and the context in which these actions are taken.

It's quite easy to get lost in a wealth of data and reacting perfectly to every consumer signal is impossible. However, by capturing truly actionable insights and combining them with your business hunches, you're more likely to see the small victories that make a big difference to your organisational goals.