07/04/2017 08:02 BST | Updated 08/04/2018 06:12 BST

What Millenial Parents Will Be Doing With Their Children This Easter

I recently read the findings from a study on CNBC about how millennial parents, especially fathers, are different to previous generations.

Research drew several conclusions about how the generation born between 1980 through to 2000 parent differently. The most notable differences were how much more time fathers take on caregiving roles and how whole-family activity pursuits were more important to this generation than ever before.

This got me thinking about some simple whole-family activities and fun we can all be enjoying with kids this Easter. Put down the electronics, step away from the television and go after some good old fashioned Easter fun! We should all have some time off over the upcoming bank holidays and Easter break, so here are some Easter activities everyone can enjoy:

Have Fun Baking

Whether it's baking and decorating an Easter cake or making biscuits or treats- there are so many Easter/Spring related goodies you can cook with kids. Everyone can get involved!

  • Add colourful marshmallows, sprinkles or edible glitter to make a normal sugar cookie bright and fun.
  • Find inspiration in nature, and make flower cookies and decorate with food colouring and icing.
  • Make colourful chocolate rice crispy nests by using white chocolate and a dash of food colouring instead of traditional milk chocolate.

Easter cakes are a wonderful tradition, let kids research ideas, make a plan and list the supplies you need to decorate your perfect Easter cake. Bake and decorate together and have fun!

Easter Egg Hunts

Who doesn't love an Easter egg hunt? It's a wonderful Easter tradition! Younger kids will love racing about looking for eggs hidden all over the garden. Older kids may enjoy following clues and being more strategic to find their eggs so make their hunt a little more challenging.

Or, try making an Easter family walk even more fun by modifying the Easter egg hunt game and creating a scavenger hunt with a difference. Set the course and give the clues that end with an Easter Egg surprise at the end! Kids will hardly realise they've been for a nice long walk!

Easter Egg Rolling

A classic British tradition that has had a recent resurgence in popularity. Check your local listings for egg rolling competitions near you or get some friends together, set up a course on a hill and have an egg rolling competition of your own! Use wooden spoons to get the hard boiled eggs (decorated to indicate the owner) or chocolate eggs down the hill the fastest. Why not have teams to get the competitive juices flowing? Dad's team vs Mum's team!

Visit a Farm

Farms and animal parks will be opening up for this time of year and they'll be full of new baby animals to see. Many farms and parks will put on special activities at Easter time including tractor rides, hay mazes or scavenger hunts. Many will let you hold baby chicks or feed lambs and interact with the animals. Take a picnic (and maybe a change of clothes) and enjoy the day!

Have an Easter party

Why not have a traditional Easter party, filled with all the fun we remember from those days of classic parties in the garden? Kids will love the good old fashioned fun and mums and dads will love the nostalgia:

  • For fun, play Pin the Tail on the Bunny, Egg and Spoon race or Easter Bunny Bean Bag Toss.
  • For crafts, make paper plate bunny masks, decorate Easter eggs or make marshmallow bunnies. For food, serve hot cross buns and colourful egg salad and of course carrot cake.

Enjoy the Garden and Enjoy Nature

Easter time is a perfect time to start thinking about the garden. If you've seen my other blogs, you'll know how much I love gardening with kids. Preparing the garden for Spring can be a whole family affair. If you have a reluctant little gardener, there are lots of fun activities you can do to get kids inspired:

  • Build a bird feeder and a bird table and do some birdwatching
  • Make a minibeast hotel and explore and search for mini beasts
  • Make a windchime or a windsock

There are more activities to do with the kids this Easter on my Toy Hunter blog, the latest article is Easter Arts and Crafts Activities for Kids.