21/10/2015 13:25 BST | Updated 20/10/2016 06:12 BST

Alpha-Dating - The New Must Do

Feel you've lost your spark? Need to, in the words of Take That, relight your fire?

Try the new dating fad that is proving to be the savour of the modern day relationship.

I see so many unhappy clients who feel they have lost the spark and aren't sure where to turn. Many couples give up too easily these days with divorce rate at 13 an hour.

It is so easy to fall into a routine and lose the motivation to go out and experience new things together. We've all been in a long term relationship or married to an old grumpy git and thought 'where the hell did the fun go?'

Friday nights have inevitably become the same unexciting sequence of dull events as you both sit at home watching Eastenders whilst he passes gas and flicks through endless television channels before falling asleep on the sofa, attractively (not), catching flies and heavily breathing out the garlic bread you had for dinner (certainly no Brad Pitt).

If you're reading this and have forgotten what a decent sex life is as well. It has got to the stage that you find more excitement through consuming a bar of Cadburys than to make the effort to have sex at the end of a fun filled, TV fuelled, night in (yawn).

If the above sounds like I have described your relationship, it is time to take action!

Introducing: The incredible Alpha-dating!

Alpha-dating is a way to put the excitement, mystery and fun back into your relationship by going week by week (or month by month) and taking it in turns to go through the alphabet, coming up with a different date beginning with each letter of the alphabet. For example A could be for archery, get out Cupid 's bow and arrow and put the love back into your life!

And it doesn't have to always be a day/night out, it can be something different in the bedroom or going to a new location for a romantic night away. It's the element of surprise and something you can both look forward to - use your creativity and make it personal!

So many relationships break down as they lack the 3 elements KEY to a successful and long lasting bond: FUN, INTIMACY and COMMUNICATION. Get these 3 well balanced and you should stay happy in your relationship.

We all want that first date feeling back, the element of surprise, so don't sit around but get out there and create new memories, new things to chat and joke about and all in all get back to enjoying each other's company.

Have fun with it, wind each other up, play games, give each other a clue or send a few saucy pictures!

It's time to ditch the bog standard 'date night' that often never happens and hit the new, modern way of dating.

Enjoy! x