01/12/2016 11:09 GMT | Updated 01/12/2017 05:12 GMT

Carol Vorderman - Cougars

Oi, Carol Vorderman - Come and Join Cubs and Cougars!

Since Carol Vorderman's been on the telly, eating slugs on I'm a Celeb, a dating site called Toyboy Warehouse has apparently offered her* £250,000 to set up a profile. Why? Well Carol - who's apparently 55 and looks amazing! - was last seen with a man 14 years her junior. And in the jungle, Carol revealed that rather than steady relationships, she prefers what she calls "occasionals" - men she can date occasionally, especially around Christmas!

Thank you Carol! As the founder of Cubs and Cougars, a dating site that matches up older women and younger men, I get asked all the time if there's any call for such a site - and as Carol's proved on national telly, there is!

I get tons of young whippersnappers looking for mature women, and there's no shortage of Mrs. Robinsons who want a toyboy! Why? Let me tell you in two words: Sex and Fun!

In my experience, the closer women get to the menopause, the hornier they get! I'm a matchmaker, not a reproduction expert, but if I had to have a guess, I'd say it's Mother Nature trying to get them up the duff while she still can! Anyway, when women get to a certain age, the one thing they have on the brain is sex - and young stallions, full of stamina, are happy to oblige.

It's also an ego boost - we all want to feel wanted, and women of a certain age have often spent decades in a marriage where they've been neglected, and taken for granted. Life often gets routine, and many of my female clients have told me they've spent a lifetime working, cooking and cleaning, with barely any sex, and conversation that consists of the odd grunt! Where's the fun in that?

Once they're out of these mind-numbing relationships, my female clients want some attention, and they get plenty of that from younger guys. After all, who wouldn't want a confident women who takes care of herself and knows what she wants in the bedroom?

And it's not just about sex - a younger man can offer fun and excitement outside the bedroom too! I matched a 22 year-old hunk with a gorgeous woman in her 40s - and he took her ice-skating! She said it was the first time she'd been skating since she was a teenager - and she couldn't imagine a man her own age taking her! The fact is, she loved it - she was like Bambi, falling arse over tit, but it brought them together, holding hands and having a giggle! A nice meal is lovely, but will you remember it six months down the line? Life's about making memories, so do something different with a young man who can!

As a boutique dating agency, I can't match Toyboy Warehouse's offer to pay Carol Vorderman a quarter of a million pounds to join my site. But if she does, I think she'll find some lovely guys who'll make perfect occasionals! And if she needs an incentive, or just wants her cobwebs cleaned out, I'll happily give her a free Vajacial! Yep, the Vajacial (or vagina facial) is my secret weapon for Mrs. Robinson sorts. Carol's got plenty of money (probably!) so what does she want with more dosh, when I can offer her a rejuvenated vagina?