24/11/2015 08:02 GMT | Updated 23/11/2016 05:12 GMT

Hashtag Inspirational

So just who should we look to when we want to feel inspired or motivated? It is in essence a very personal thing but inspirational along with the work legend are two words that are now over used so sometimes when we meet a true legend or someone who actually has the ability to inspire a small or group or a generation, we might just miss them.

Social media loves a good hashtag #inspo and people are being inspired from their early protein pancakes to their personal victories of taking a selfie post, pre and even during that hashtag killer leg day session. A fitness trainer in Dublin tweeted out this picture last week and I couldn't help but be happy to see it. It had absolutely nothing to do with the two ladies in it but I love that the picture showed that photoshop, filters, a team of hair dressers, surgeons, makeup artists had really helped these two ladies transformations. I think the real transformation for these reality TV stars is in their bank balances.


The story is not unique, the reality TV career begins, usually centred around alot of drinking and kebab eating, show grows in popularity, their star rises, as does their weight, they get an agent, agent sets up press opportunities of said celebrity training in a sports bra in the local park and the Daily Mail covers the story. Fast forward a few weeks, the weight is gone, they are back in the park, now though with a full beehive up style, Oscar worthy make up and a very structured and sponsored training outfit. Amazing transformation, their story of hardship is told and a week later they are on a press tour selling their book and DVD skyrocket. Now for the cross over to social media, they are promoting everything from supplements, to clothing lines, diet pills and of course their 3 minute wonder workout that is guaranteed to help you, yes you lose 14 stone in just 3 months. Hashtag Inspirational.

For me this just does nothing to inspire or motivate but it does I suppose impress me on the consistency to follow the guided business plan of the project and of course you can't help but admire a savvy business plan. I find these transformation tales the wrong focus and think they do not do anything to develop or even engage with a person's mindset. For one to be truly healthy and happy, the mind body connection has to be 50/50, working on both in co relation to one another.

I have always been more impressed by the graft, the dedication and the drive of a person on a mission of greatness. When it comes to sporting heroes, my first admiration went to Sonia O'Sullivan, I was obsessed. I kept all the press clippings on her and scattered them on the wall surrounding my bottom bunk bed. Days were spent running around the lawn in Boleybeg and obviously winning gold at the Sydney Olympics was a huge moment for me on a Tuesday evening after school. I wanted to know more, how did a girl from Cork become a supreme athlete and what sacrifices did she have to make? Big questions for a 12 year old, but it was from here that I really began to respect the graft of anyone who wants to be the best or even just wants to be in the race to be.

That's why his new breed of Inspo selfie, belfie and ab check every single morning crew just don't make me want to go out and go training or go an eat 'clean'. I think if we can remember that there are teams of people and creative artwork going on alot- as that is what sells and perfection is what we all crave so give the masses what they want would be the idea. I just think perfection can be ascertained but only for a fleeting moment, as like everything in life, what we want, desire and need today can change and does almost overnight.

Aesthetic perfection is all well and good, but try and at least couple with the ability of movement, correct mobility, strength and overall health. Exercise and eating well should be about respecting your body, not a punishment and the great thing is, when we do these things great things happen, trust me.. hashtag feeling inspired.