06/11/2015 04:55 GMT | Updated 02/11/2016 05:12 GMT

Glasgow's Got Glamour

Industrial edge in its trend-setting glory: Glasgow is a cultural dynamo for the UK.

Descending into Glasgow city, I was filled with anticipation.

Exploring new territory is always a thrill, but this time my curiosity was even greater than usual.

Having been to Scotland before, I was excited to be back amongst the Celtic country's vibrant culture.

I was also looking forward to the whisky, naturally.

Ahead of my trip, I asked around about the city I was so curious to visit.

As is to be expected, the responses were somewhat varied.

Some colleagues passed judgment on its 'violent reputation,' but many spoke of a booming trendsetter, bursting with style and culture.

Naturally, I wanted to see what all the fuss was about.

And I can certainly say I wasn't disappointed.

Boasting an array of stylish shops, cosy coffee joints and incredible architecture - Glasgow is every bit the dynamic destination I had hoped for.

The comparison between Glasgow and Scotland's other destinations is an interesting one to draw.

While the likes of Edinburgh, the Isle of Sky and the Highlands hold their own (very strong) draw-cards; Glasgow provides an unmistakably authentic taste of Scotland.

With a perfect recipe of rich history and artistic modernisation, it's no surprise the city attracts creative types from across the continent.

Effortlessly trendy youths line the streets, contributing to the vibrance of the intriguing metropolis.

Glasgow both attracts and welcomes people of all ages and backgrounds. The city's ethos: "People Make GLA" is not only encouraged, it is quite literally plastered across their main buildings in big hot pink signage.

What could be more fabulous?

A wander down the cobblestoned streets is full of photo opportunities. From the City Chambers to the Cathedral, the buildings exemplify sheer brilliance from an architectural standpoint.

Must-do's during your stay include a visit to the Kelvin Grove Art Museum and a walk through the West End.

A walking tour, taken by passionate graduates from the Glasgow School of Art, is also a great way to spend the morning and familiarize yourself with the city.

If you're really feeling like a treat, spoil yourself with a blow-dry appointment at The Rainbow Room before a night out.

When it comes to good grub, the options are endless.

Brunch&Bubbles at Hutchesons Bar & Brasserie is a brilliant place to start, as is the award-winning Gannet Restaurant.

And if your budget is limited, it's not a problem. The streets are lined with mouth-watering coffee shops and cafes.

In terms of transport, the airport is a quick 20 minute drive from the centre of the town. The train station is even more convenient - located right in the heart of Glasgow city. The building itself is stunning and steeped in history, so well worth a visit in any case.

When deciding where to stay, there are plenty of fabulous places to rest your head right near the main drag, with very easy access following a big night out. The West End is also well worth considering, with it's perfect proximity to cafes and short distance to the heart of town.

The overall consensus? Let's put it this way: Glasgow's got me wanting a round two.

Until next time, Scotland.

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