08/06/2017 09:12 BST | Updated 08/06/2017 09:12 BST

Hair-Care Tips For Dads To Live By

To mark Father's Day, which is fast approaching, here are some tips on how dads can go about styling and maintaining their look when time is of the essence.

Keep cuts regular

If you find you are always styling with one eye on the clock, there is no doubt a freshly cut head of hair is a lot quicker and easier to handle. Try to keep your visits to the chair regular and you'll find your hair falls in to place of its own accord.

Apply product to damp hair

After leaving the shower with freshly washed and conditioned hair, towel dry, leaving the hair only slightly damp. Style roughly with your fingers and hands and allow to dry naturally whilst you eat breakfast and are still in the comfort of your own house.

Just before you leave, that's the time to style your now dried hair. Apply your product to the palms of your hand and rub vigorously to create an even distribution of product. Apply the product to the entire area of your head, concentrating on the roots, the mid lengths and the ends will take care of themselves. This process should replicate washing your hair, you should be concentrating on the scalp and roots. Once the product has dispersed evenly and everything is standing up, use your hands or a wide toothed brush to shape.

Disguise loss of volume

The wrong product choice can make your hair become transparent. You don't want an effect that separates each strand as this creates a direct view to the scalp and an altogether non flattering view. Products such as traditional pomades will weigh the hair down and flatten to your head, again exposing more scalp than we would like, as well as losing that strong masculine shape. Invest time in finding a professional product range, this is as important as researching a good qualified stylist. Non-professional products on the lower end of the scale can have a one size fits all approach. But also beware of overpriced miracle cures which often lead to disappointment.

Be ahead of the trend

This is about thinking smart and listening to your stylist. Right now, we are seeing the trend of dismantling the large heavy blocked quiffs that have dominated the industry for the past 5 years.

This is showing itself in two ways. Firstly, guys have a lot of length on the top, versus what they have on the sides, we are seeing a lot of elastic band type haircuts (You know who you are!). The elastic band is guaranteed to damage your hair shaft, often without chance of repair. It goes without saying this is not recommended. However, on the flip side, the longer lengths on the top are showing some great 80's style flicks and wedges, hair that covers the whole head and not just the very top.

Clients are also asking us to add more texture to the hair by deconstructing the top into manageable but quirky haircuts with movement. As the elements get worse, these haircuts become more popular as today's man looks for stylish but versatile hair with low maintenance.