28/09/2017 07:28 BST | Updated 28/09/2017 07:28 BST

How To Maintain Our Body Hair Obsession!

We recently conducted some research of over 2,000 men in the UK which has affirmed that the UK is a nation of hair obsessed males. When it comes to men's grooming, as you'd expect, hair is the focal point of routines for under 35s, but I'm not just talking about their heads. This group of men are ensuring they are well kept from head to toe...

The research revealed that almost half (48%) of under 35s spend up to an hour getting ready for a big night out. Whilst much of that is spent ensuring their locks are on point these efforts go beyond hair gel and arranging their barnets. More than four in ten (45%) are also making time to style and maintain their eyebrows.

Given all the time dedicated to locks, it's no surprise that the cosmetic procedure most considered by men is hair implants. More than 2 in 10 have considered the procedure which adds more volume and restores hair where it is receding or thinning. Miles in front of popular procedures such as IPL laser treatments (14%) and botox or fillers at 10%.

And the grooming doesn't end there as 40% of under 35s regularly shave/trim their intimate areas. Almost a quarter (23%) give their chest the treatment along with 26% who maintain armpit hair and 18% who even shave their arms.

Methods for hair removal vary amongst men, best methods can vary depending on hair and skin type. Men that aren't a fan of the close shave and regrowth on their faces often feel the same about hair elsewhere.

When it comes to the chest - Shaving is a good option for those with a lower pain threshold! It's quick and easy, but it's important to remember that like shaving your face, you need to take care of your skin. A man should shave after warming the skin when the pores are open. Selecting the right shave crème with the right active ingredients is going to make a big difference.

The chest area can have more delicate skin than say the legs or the back, it's certainly worth thinking about conditioning the skin post shave. The final step for a man's shave regime should be to moisturise the skin. A quality moisturiser should be used to replace lost moisture and to cool the skin down afterwards.

Feedback would suggest that the skin on the back can be a bit more resilient. It's a harder to reach area though, so even though shaving and hair removal are still feasible options you may need assistance! When shaving - especially if this skin has not seen a razor before, it is important to use product to facilitate the shave and to tone and condition the skin afterwards. When a man shaves, the process of the razor passing over the skin is great exfoliation, removing up to two layers of dead skin cells. This also means shaving is a great option for men that suffer from breakouts on their back. Cleansing the skin post shave will also soothe any blemishes on the back.

Legs are an area where the hair length is usually longer so a trim ahead of shaving, waxing or hair removal cream will facilitate achieving the best results. For longer hair like this using a shaving brush may also help achieve the best result.

You are covering a large surface area of skin with leg hair removal. Therefore it is perhaps not a good idea to attempt waxing legs at home if you have ever tried this before! Hair removal cream is another painless option.