18/02/2016 08:12 GMT | Updated 14/02/2017 05:12 GMT

Can Diet Cure Autoimmune Conditions?

I was very aware of the strong links between your diet and how they can help your body when suffering from autoimmune conditions. After months of Alopecia with no explanation I tried a very strict diet of no gluten, sugar and dairy and alcohol!! Although my hair fell out it is difficult to say the results and effects. I am a 28 newly married and wanted to be doing what other newly marrieds are doing, having fun, socialising and not having a panic about going to a restaurant and working out what you could possibly eat. You may be wondering what an earth you can eat?? Indeed the question I asked myself when I was first told about it. The answer is very little and taking on huge adjustments. I actually found this more stressful and something I questioned regular as I could not see a quick fix or any positive effects. Does it help or may any difference or does it just make you feel restrained from eating all your favourite foods whilst coping with sometimes a very difficult autoimmune condition.

I have done a lot of research into this connection and have become very interested in how our bodies work and how our bodies work and how different parts of our body affect others. I had no idea that the food we put into our bodies can have a strong affect on many skin conditions. Autoimmune conditions largely start with the gut and this is an area which still needs large research. One possible development is the affect Paleo diet can have on your immune system and affects this has had with autoimmune conditions. Many have found it has greatly minimised the pain of autoimmune conditions and some alopecia sufferers have even found that their hair has started to come back! We are living in a world of clean eating, juicing, new fad foods and much more than just your five a day. Many people get obsessed with the new fads and if I had a choice I would steer clear of it!! The questions is what foods should you avoid? This is an answer I am still trying to find out and one which the doctors can't tell me.

Through our entire life you go to a doctor when there is a problem and you get it fixed. Surely this is a very straight forward concept but then how do you deal with a situation when the doctors say they can't do anything but looking into your diet may assist. Not very helpful! I have always been very health conscious so being told I had to look at my diet was hard to accept. The one thing I have evidence on and do believe is that sugar is a suppressant of your immune system so living with Alopecia it would seem slightly stupid to ignore this, Of course this is not saying that you can't eat the odd bit of cake or chocolate but being aware and taking it all in moderation seems the best way forward.