02/03/2017 11:19 GMT | Updated 03/03/2018 05:12 GMT

Exclusive, Unattainable And Indulgent. Should We Care About Fashion Week?


Credit: Loulou Storey of The Styling Storey

Twice a year the world's fashion beauties parade the streets of New York, London, Milan and Paris and they shake their stylish butts to adoring photographers and watch unwearable overpriced fashion be paraded up and down catwalks. We then read in magazines and papers about what we will be wearing in six months time when we will once again either be donning our sandals or our winter coats, depending on which season is being showcased.

It can all feel very unattainable, very exclusive, very indulgent and very distant from our everyday lives.

Right now you are probably struggling to plan what you will be wearing tomorrow let alone in six months time. You are hoping that the winter days will start coming to an end, that your well worn jeans and jumpers will get a break and this summer you will really embrace feminine dressing that you say you will do every year. However it appears that the fashionista's of the world don't appear to have to worry about what to cook the kids for dinner, cleaning the bathroom or getting the boiler fixed.

So how does it relate to you? Should you care? Could you care? Do you care?

Fashion weeks are a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the power of creativity, beauty and design and on a practical note it's an opportunity to get inspired and to start planning your spending.

Often the two biggest challenges we face when dressing ourselves is 1.) stepping out of our current style rut and 2.) not wasting money on impulse purchases so why not use this time as a focus for you.

It is a great opportunity before the next season begins to jumpstart who you want to be and how you want to dress. Start the process of how you are going to style your story for the upcoming season before it's too late and you end up wasting your money on clothes that are purchased in a rush and 'will do for now'.

But how can you make the fashion world and your everyday life meet? Follow these three steps for ultimate style success:

STEP 1. Colour Focus. Have a look at the latest on Vogue Catwalk for all designer shows. My suggestion would be to focus on colour, don't worry too much about the detail or the cuts to begin with. Think about what colours get you excited, the colours you love and you don't own any of, the colours that you are drawn to in your home. Look at colour combinations, could you introduce a new colour into your wardrobe that would bring the rest of your wardrobe to life? This doesn't have to be bright pops this can also be playing with neutral tones as you can see from my outfit today.

Have I mentioned colour enough??!!

STEP 2. Street Style Inspiration. There is just as much focus on what the editors, fashionistas and bloggers are wearing to the fashion shows as the shows they are visiting. All the magazines cover what the latest street style is but I particularly love this Telegraph article which gives a great round up. Find one image that speaks to you and see if you can recreate it from what you already own.

STEP 3. High Street Awareness. The weather may still be shouting scarves and jumpers but the shops will definitely be embracing the upcoming season. While they are quiet and introducing their new season collections start to notice what is arriving in store. Who stocks those colours that you have fallen for, who stocks those silhouettes you'd like to wear more of? Pop into stores you would never normally try especially your local independent store. Start planning what you might buy and start shaping your story.

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Wear it like you!