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Where Did Pro-Palestine Supporters Go?

Are you now feeling the same contempt towards Egypt and hope the international community will condemn it, while the United Nations produces a report saying that Egypt is a destructive force and most probably committing war crimes? Probably not.

Another round of the never-ending battle is about to begin between Israel and Palestinians. A recent bloody tragedy stirred by Hamas caused a three-month state of emergency near the border of Gaza while IDF (Israel Defence Forces) will be using Apache attack helicopters to target terror bases. An average pro-Palestine supporter could explain what this essentially means: indiscriminate attacks and misery of Palestinian people just because of genocidal lunacy by the only apartheid state in the Middle East with the Star of David on their flag.

Wait, please hold your hate. Stop spilling gasoline on Israeli flag and look for a lighter, stop anxiously inviting every single person on Facebook to your anti-Israeli protest that swiftly translates into the fiesta of anti-Semitism in Central London, and please don't even think about storming a Synagogue. I just played a smugly yet necessary trick on you - it's not Israel that is about to fight against Hamas terrorists inside Gaza Strip, it's Egypt.

Are you now feeling the same contempt towards Egypt and hope the international community will condemn it, while the United Nations produces a report saying that Egypt is a destructive force and most probably committing war crimes? Probably not. Egypt, first of all, is neither predominantly Jewish nor pro-Western. Secondly, the country is the birthplace of Muslim Brotherhood and its majority is conservative Muslim. It's only in Israel's case it's acceptable to mention the country in the same sentence with words such as apartheid, genocide, war crimes, and child-killing regime. Other countries are exempted from this.

Egyptian government after attack in Sinai last Friday by Hamas terrorists, who came through the underground tunnels, which resulted more than 30 Egyptian soldiers deaths, announced several containment measures. To ensure nation's security, there'll be a buffer zone with Gaza Strip that Hamas' foreign relations chief Osama Hamdan described as "incitement against the Palestinian people." Other measure is discriminate attacks against terror bases with deadly Apache helicopters. It seems, in fact, that containment methods Egypt is about to employ resemble what Israel have tried to achieve, yet due to mass psychosis it was never allowed to be successful.

However, I cannot find any vocal proclamations against Egypt. Those who were brutal self-ascribed defenders of humanity aka pro-Palestine supporters, now just shrug the shoulders and might wobble only a few angry words if you push them hard enough, yet mostly they remain silent. Since no one inside the camp Palestine seems to be bothered when it's not Israel or the West acting in the Middle East, media have no interest of covering this. But remember the shrieks against allegedly BBC's biased reporting during the latest Palestine-Israel conflict, protests were assembled and the lair of political correctness was guilty of incorrect, out of context coverage - not a view one could see everyday.

It's certainly not because no fellow Arab have been hurt and possibility of no civilian misery is likely. By making buffer zone with Gaza and trying to find hidden underground tunnels, Egypt is relocating up to 680 families from their homes. Given human right record of Egypt, no family should expect a beach villa reimbursed for their struggles and sacrifices. This is an example of disinvestment policy, so furiously attributed mostly to Israel, albeit those living along the border surely must have been the supporters of Palestine and Hamas since they granted courtesy of using their homes as smuggling bases.

This cannot one of those "Israeli injustice fatigue" I heard about, as way before Israel acted in Gaza this year, everybody stayed at home and watched Bashar al-Assad using chemical weapons and committing genocide in Syria as some action flick produced by Hollywood. None of pro-Palestine devotees appealed to the international law and searched for the means to punish the bastard. Barely anyone criticised when Muslim Brotherhood was rampaging in streets of Cairo and installing hard-core version of Islamism. I'm quite swayed that there's something more systemic and more got to do with the view of the world that causes people to be act like on energising hard drugs once the topic turns to Israel or the West.

We shouldn't refuse to acknowledge that there're anti-Semitic sentiments involved if the subject is Palestine and its relations with Israel. I've been told multiple times by the pro-Palestine supporters that, even though Hamas manifesto has openly genocidal intentions towards Israel, it's only the "state" and not the people that should be destroyed - they have absolutely no issue with the Jewish population itself. Too bad, nobody has yet managed coherently explain how the destruction of the state without mass-murder would look like. I imagine shaking hands in Jerusalem and un-self-determinate the State of Israel isn't something seriously considered. Nevertheless, when protests against Israel's self-defence were spurring across Europe, we witnessed the number of swastikas not seen since 1938, some of them portraying Israel as the new Nazis, and other anti-Semitic barbaric relicts.

Being part of anti-Western cult, although living in Western Europe and not hesitating to use its protected rights and opportunities, corrupts the heads of the followers. Just recently, in the university I attend, I heard open declarations that Syrian genocide never happened and the blame lays with mainstream media that tried to legitimise Western powers' intervention into the region, pardoning all evidence by the fraudulent, expect when it serves their interest, United Nations.

Thus, where did all pro-Palestine supporters go? Nowhere. There just weren't any of such in the first place. "Palestine supporter" shouldn't even be called like that for someone who supports nothing and opposes everything. They're caught in a limited, indoctrinated worldview, a Limbo, where it's not possible intellectually to maintain the same standard of judgment for all countries. Let's call them for what they are, the anti-West and anti-Israel movement supporters.