25/03/2013 16:24 GMT | Updated 25/05/2013 06:12 BST

Secret Diary of a Lime Wood Commis - Aged 19 1/2

This is the "Secret Diary of a Lime Wood Commis - aged 19 1/2" which is written on a weekly basis by one of the young commis' in the kitchen at Hartnett Holder & Co, this week it's:


I was so excited about being given the section to work on, I was coping well but it's relentless, drew a little tear to my eye yesterday as the work load got on top of me... 100 lobsters a week, 20 guinea fowl, 40 wild rabbit and that's just the prep before I've even started making the pasta which has to be fresh every service. So getting all that achieved whilst Angela was in the kitchen with a film crew and James Martin wondering around was intimidating and inspiring. It was also the first time I had to make pasta for Angela to use for a demo, putting together the double agnolotti of guinea fowl and burrata - she was happy which made it all feel worthwhile.

After having a chat with chef the realisation that I'm cooking on one of the busiest pasta sections around for one of the best Italian chefs in the country put things in perspective. After a good nights sleep I came in feeling ready to go! After another good lunch service I looked up and felt proud of what I've achieved and with the team that I've achieved it with.

Think I've nearly mastered the four dishes that I've been doing, and chefs just served up a curve ball as he's told me that he wants to put garganelli on tomorrow for someone special!

You'll hear how that turned out my fingers crossed!