15/05/2017 11:17 BST | Updated 15/05/2017 11:17 BST

Nine Tips For Raising A Confident Girl

Girls tend to begin life a step ahead. They talk and take their first steps earlier than boys. They are social butterflies and as soon as they start school, they become smart students. However, in between pre and middle school, a blend of high expectations in school, mixed signals from the society and social pressures can confuse them and cause them to lag behind or lose track academically. As a parent, you can help your daughter believe in her full potential and build her self-esteem to navigate through life's trickiest moments. Here's what you need to do to build her resilience and confidence:

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1. Encourage Assertiveness

Teach your daughter to assert her needs to people and take her stand with peers. When other children pick a fight with her, teach her to speak up and let them know what she doesn't like. For instance, if another child speaks to her with a mean voice, teach her to say what she does not like about it.

2. Engage in Her Interests

Find out what your daughter's interests are and help her deepen those interests. In doing so, you help her develop a passion for those interests. Most importantly, it demonstrates to her that you take her interests seriously. Consider putting her on a sport early. This will help her appreciate the strength in her body and not only its beauty.

3. Build Her Competence

When your daughter has chores or homework to complete, don't offer your assistance too fast. Let her attempt to complete them on her own for some time first even when she asks you to help. This way, you help her build her abilities and competence to get tasks done.

4. Show Interest in Her School Work

Get involved in your daughter's school by attending school events where she participates, checking on her homework and volunteering for school activities. By doing this, you show your daughter the importance of education and how much her academic life matters to you.

5. Specify Compliments

When your daughter achieves something, compliment her in a very specific way by citing concrete examples. For example, if she remembers something she learned, tell her what a good memory she has. Make those compliments real by appreciating even the slightest improvement she makes in a subject, sporting or musical activity.

6. Have Faith in Her

Believing in your daughter and letting her know that she can achieve whatever she sets her mind to do builds her confidence in a tremendous way. Have faith in her, tell her how much you believe in her and keep repeating it to her. In doing so, she will believe in herself and get the confidence she needs to go through life.

7. Get her Off the Comfort Zone

Get your daughter outside so she can develop the skills and comfort to engage in outdoor activities. This enables her to get a sense that her body is her source of strength and teaches her to take risks that are healthy. When you get her out of her comfort zone, she'll realize that regardless of the outcome, she survives. This will give her the strength she needs to take on any challenge.

8. Help Her See Beyond Princesses

Avoid focusing your daughter's mind on femininity and beauty as portrayed on TV shows or movies. Rather, help her see the real world where girls take initiative and do the same things as boys.

9. Teach Her to Love Herself

If you are having a wardrobe crisis, avoid doing it in your daughter's presence. Also, don't look down on your body in front of her. Instead, let her see you loving your body irrespective of its size or shape. This way, she will learn to love hers as well.