19/08/2014 08:22 BST | Updated 19/10/2014 06:59 BST

Quinoa Crêpes with Blackberry and Plum Compote


These crêpes are fluffy and light, they balance well with the compote and slip down like heaven. You can prep the batter and compote in advance and make these mid-week as well as having them on a lazy Sunday.

This compote works with other seasonal fruit too so feel free to change it up with some apples and blackberries or rhubarb.

The main base is the quinoa flour; this acts as a great gluten free flour made from ground quinoa, however you can use other gluten free flours like buckwheat, rice or millet.

The almond milk provides a great nutty taste and a nice dose of vitamin E to help you get the glow. You can swap the almond milk for rice milk if you have allergies!


for the compote:

150g of plums

150g of blackberries (plus extra for decorating)

150g of honey

for the pancakes:

120g of quinoa flour (or rice flour)

250ml of almond milk

1 tbsp of melted coconut oil

1 tiny pinch of salt


1. De-stone the plums and cut them into quarters.

2. Place the plums, berries and honey in a pan on a medium heat and let this caramelise for 5 minutes (add in 100ml of water gradually as you go so nothing burns).

3. When all the water has been added, place a lid over the top and let this simmer for 10 minutes.

4. Place the crepe mix ingredients in a bowl, whisk well and let this sit in the fridge for half an hour.

5. Heat a large pan with coconut oil on a medium heat, poor out a scoop of the batter and let it cook for few minutes until golden brown then flip.

6. Start small then make your crepes bigger as you feel more confident. I often fold them in half like an omelette as they don't fall apart, this makes them still taste divine.

7. Serve with the compote and a scoop of yoghurt!

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