13/04/2017 09:59 BST | Updated 13/04/2017 09:59 BST

Who Are And Who Were Your Teachers In Life?

Something I have come to realise over the past few years is that we learn all the time through various means. We learn as toddlers, whilst we are at school, at college, at university, we learn from neighbours, friends, siblings, religious leaders, scout/guide leaders, swimming instructors, our pets and of course our parents and numerous relatives. Who have been your teachers over the years?

My teachers have been my parents, my primary school teachers, my senior school teachers, college tutors, my cousins, my children, my grandchildren, colleagues, my friends, my mother-in-law, my husband, my dogs and cats, my tortoise and myself and strangers.

I was taught as a child by my parents that I should be seen and not heard. I was taught by my teachers that I was average. This is not a lesson I want to keep because I am not, never have been and never will be average. I am unique and I may not know the same things that so called clever people know, but what I do know is just as valuable.

I was taught by my college tutors that I should follow the rules. This is not a lesson I want to keep because not all rules should be followed. There are some that must be followed and there are some that should be bent a little, and some that should be ignored completely. It is all dependent upon the situation and the rule.

I was taught by my husband and my three children that love is unconditional for them. That is a lesson I am keeping because no matter what I love them all unconditionally.

I have been taught by my grandchildren that they are more intelligent than their previous generations and that they will be going places when they are old enough. This is a lesson I want to keep and I want to watch them do just that.

I was taught by my mother-in-law that we are on this earth to help people. This is a lesson I definitely want to keep because that is what I do and want to continue doing above all else. Help people, everywhere.

I was taught by myself that I can do more than I originally thought was possible to do. Over the past decade I have learned so much about how I absorb information, how I can help others and what I need to do to keep the momentum going. This is definitely another lesson I want to keep and expand upon.

I have learned from newspapers and news reports that most of the reported news is bad news, sad news or devastating news. I have learned that this is what sells the newspapers. I have learned to not watch the news, read the newspapers to avoid all this negative stuff.

I have learned and am still learning, in fact I learn something new every day, that there is so much more to learn and that life is a school. This lesson will be staying for the rest of my life.

Think about who has taught you over the years, what you are still learning, what you have learned and how valuable it is. Make sure you are aware of what you want to keep in your life and what you want to get rid of.