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Now we have all settled into the new year, I thought its time to take a slightly different look at business, and reflects a little of the fun side ... something and which I hope will make you laugh.

Now we have all settled into the new year, I thought its time to take a slightly different look at business, and reflects a little of the fun side ... something and which I hope will make you laugh.

Now most of us tend to turn a blind and cynical eye to the advertising that we see on television, at the cinema and online. That's because the vast majority of it is trite, weak and smacks of corporatism, with what might once have been a good creative idea, crushed and pulped by committees and corporate sensitivities into something that's as bland, unexciting and no more satisfying than cheap vanilla ice cream pumped full of air.

However, contrast that with advertising that comes from businesses built on passion and you have a real insight in their heart and soul.

When you see such 'works of art', they fill you with joy and inspiration and the sense that these are companies that you actually would like to work for, rather than the cold and long-dead corporate organisation you currently do, from which all light and life has been squeezed out.

I've frequently written about how in such businesses it's mediocrity that reigns, administered by those who in my book 'Corporate Escape: the Rise of the New Entrepreneur' I have called the SUPER- Generation (negative).

But in the two examples of advertising I'm about to show you, you know that it's the SUPER+ Generation (plus) who are the masters. They don't see life as a box-ticking exercise, or believe that doing the least and taking the most is preferable to making the best contribution they can.

No, in these two companies, being creative and enjoying what you do are right out at the front.

So let me introduce you to these two shining SUPER+ beacons of good business. The first is The Dollar Shave Company (they sell good quality razor blades cheaply through subscription to their service). The second is Poo Pourri whose innovative product prevents embarrassing smells in the loo after it's been used!

And should you think that these are no more than novelty companies, both have grown into multi-million-dollar enterprises - Poo-Pourri, which was founded by a regular American mum, is expected to post projected revenues of $20 million for 2013, while The Dollar Shave Company, a £20,000 start up in 2011 has since landed over $10 million in funding, with more investors queuing up at the door.

Enjoy The Dollar Shave Company video first, then move on to see how Poo-Pourri tackle marketing - warning, this may affect the overly sensitive.

You'll soon see why both videos went viral, generating millions of clicks. After watching them, I'm sure you'll see that business doesn't have to be done the SUPER- Generation way, and that fun can be part of your everyday life when you are doing what you love.

If you are self-employed and everyday has become a dull and boring drag, then maybe it's time you download your two free chapters of 'Corporate Escape: the Rise of the New Entrepreneur'.

The same applies if you are looking to escape the rat race and start up on your own, because as you can see from these two great examples, there's no excuse for not creating a high energy business, whatever your idea. So, whether your start point's a hobby or is a solution to a problem you and others have experienced, as you can see from Dollar Shave and Poo Pourri by doing something different you can fill your market with enthusiastic customers.

What could you do that reflects your personality and makes you happy? It's probably time you answered that question.

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