13/05/2017 15:31 BST | Updated 20/07/2017 12:13 BST

Read Dr Makhosi Khoza's Response To The eThekwini ANCYL's Call For Her To Be Withdrawn As MP

"Any tendency that is anti-progress and amoral is completely unacceptable in my world. I'm a product of this ANC tradition."

African National Congress Member of Parliament Dr Makhosi Khoza has been outspoken about the dangers facing the party, including arrogance and complacency amongst the leadership, and a culture of political patronage. The ANC Youth League in eThekwini region called for her to be recalled as an MP, for these comments, which were made in part on the wall of her private Facebook page. This is an edited version of Khoza's response to the ANCYL, which we republish with her permission. - blogs editor.

Let me welcome the fact that my personal opinions on my personal Facebook page are getting the attention of the ANC Youth League, eThekwini region. Well done comrades! I understand you want me to be recalled or disciplined. My answer to that is towards the end of this free ANC moral conscience lecture.

Next Step: read and debate the ANC Constitution, Rule 4:17. Threats, intimidation, violence and intolerance are strictly forbidden. You are urged to advance your argument. Think ANC, not personalities.

Should you wish to invite me to facilitate the session as your senior comrade, you are more than welcome. My 35 years experience from age 12 to 47 years associated with this organisation might just assist in enlightening you about the ANC moral authority. It is free of charge.

Herewith are some facts you need to take into account when you debate Rule 4:17 of the ANC Constitution:

  1. The ANC is not an amoral organisation. Read its constitution carefully. It is an organisation that was founded by moralists. The ANC website is so rich and easily accessible on your smart phones. You are so lucky as during my time, we could not even afford a pair of shoes, in your time you have all these fancy gadgets and flashy cars.
  2. The ANC decision-making process is consistent with its moral authority as enshrined in its constitution, and is premised on principles and not personalities. If you follow a personality and not principle, you need to urgently attend political education classes. If that fails, please do yourself a favour you are not ready to be a revolutionary. Revolutionaries are objective people, not subjective. Join a modeling club as personalities find more expression there.
  3. The ANC is not anti-education. It was founded by the intellectuals who were highly educated. Please Google the names Pixely ka Isaka Seme, J. L. Dube etc.
  4. The ANC does not bar its members from sharing their personal views and perspectives especially, on their own personal Facebook walls. Please read Through The Eye Of The Needle. I love writing and I won't stop. My parents and the ANC invested so much money in my education. I'm not going to let that go to waste. Besides, I love my country.
  5. The ANC has survived for over 100 years because it allowed the disruption of backward norms and standards. Charlotte Maxeke challenged the ANC leadership when it did not allow women to be admitted as full members.

Any tendency that is anti-progress and amoral is completely unacceptable in my world.

I'm a product of this ANC tradition. I wish comrades would enlarge their reflective capacity... it appears to be melting as fast as frost on a beautiful sunny day.

So the ANC Youth League eThekwini is calling for my recall because "I want the ANC to survive for another 200 years?" Why do they want the ANC dead? Please help. I'm not getting it!

Frankly speaking, I'm a rational person and therefore have zero capacity when it comes to preposterous mental configurations.