01/03/2017 07:00 GMT | Updated 02/03/2018 05:12 GMT

Easier Said Than Done

I've almost lost count of the times I've heard, You can do it, Think outside the box, Live your dreams, etc. Being able to inspire and motivate necessitates experience, skill, practice and passion. The reason passion is essential is that it enables us to transcend challenges, moreover, we communicate far more effectively. I might seem like a naysayer of self-help and the like - I'm not. I'm a firm believer in coming clean. Yes, listen and read all the motivational, inspirational and self help experts you like. However, listen to your inner voice, the one that can put you on the right road to making better choices.

By saying Easier Said Than Done, I'm referring to some so-called self-help experts who seem to constantly pontificate about how success can be ours. I've nothing against these experts - I'm saying that talk is cheap. I do have something against their often flippant advice. Being pragmatic is essential. This doesn't mean using restricted thinking, or focusing on using our left brain. It does mean listen and read information that truly resonates with you. In addition, ensure it's a voice you feel you can trust and rely upon.

You might say, I really enjoy reading self-help books and articles. That's fine, as long as it's an enjoyable diversion. I don't profess to have the low down on how to discover ways to being your personal best, but I do know how one can improve their life. Start by acknowledging your strengths, then decide what you'd like to improve. These two pointers are the first steps to making any improvements. It's less about what we think will make a difference, and more about actually making that difference ourselves.

In a way, I'm talking about doing the work. That is, working on ourselves. That's how we take realistic responsibility for making any improvements. Unlike too may self-help groups, who tell us we just need to ask the universe for assistance and our desires will come true - I believe we need to play a significant part in bringing our wishes to fruition. I do believe in the power of the esoteric, I also firmly believe we need to fully involve ourselves. No matter what our beliefs are, the best way for our dreams to come true is for us to rely less on dreaming and take action. Action will determine the kind of outcomes we wish to see for ourselves.

Not saying that dreaming is wrong, far from it, it can ignite our imagination and generate inspiration. However, don't allow dreaming to be your only default position for improvement. In fact, by entirely relying on dreams to instigate our behaviour, we tend to believe we actually exist in that dream world. Therefore, reality becomes almost overwhelming. So allow dreaming to be part of a bigger picture in any transformation or change. Remember, if it seems easier said than done, be super-alert to the doing. And then do it!

This quote resonates with me: " A dream doesn't become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work" - Colin Powell

Some tips:

-Be super alert to your feelings.

-Trust your intuition.

-Have more patience.

-Give time for reflection.

-If you are enjoying & not learning, take notice as it's a lesson.

-Trust your instincts.

-Ensure your desires encompass greater ambitions than just yourself.