Baleka Mbete Is The Most Powerful Woman In The Country Right Now -- Ralph Mathekga

The Speaker of Parliament will wait until the last minute to announce her decision on a secret ballot in the 8 August vote of no confidence.

Baleka Mbete may be waiting for the last minute to announce her decision on a secret ballot in the vote of no confidence.

Parliamentary communication officers seem to have indication as to whether her the National Assembly's decision will be announced at any time prior to the August 8 vote against the president.

Parliament's committee spokesman Temba Gubula said he does not know when Mbete will announce her decision. The ANC's parliamentary caucus spokesperson Nonceba Mhlauli also indicated she has received no details on the details of the announcement.

Parliament's spokesman Moloto Mothapo said the announcement will be made before the 8, but Mbete has not indicated when exactly it will be.

Independent political analyst Ralph Mathekga said Mbete is in the most powerful woman in the country at this point.

"Does it really matter at this point whether it is secret or not, members of the ANC are speaking openly? I think that the whole thing of whether it is secret or not is becoming a moot point," Mathekga said.

"The message has been sent to Zuma...he will mostly likely survive this one, but it will be the most difficult motion for him."

The Economic Freedom Fighters indicated last week that they would write to Mbete for an indication of her decision and the Democratic Alliance has consulted their lawyers on whether they can go the legal route to force Mbete to break her silence.