28/12/2013 17:38 GMT | Updated 27/02/2014 05:59 GMT

New Year's Resolution? Adopt a Rescue Pet Of Course!

Season's greetings hope you're all enjoying some well-earned time off with your pets and thinking up some New Year's Resolutions - and if I may suggest one - adopt a rescue pet!

Sure, puppies and kittens (which incidentally can also be found in rescue) maybe more cute, but older animals need loving homes too.

Sadly nowadays more mature pets are overlooked, spending the remainder of their lives in rescue centres waiting for forever homes - but there are so many reasons to adopt.

Firstly, rescue pets are complete bargains. Already neutered, microchipped, and treated for fleas and worms, thus saving you lots of money.

With rescue pets what you see is what you get as they're already fully grown, complete with fully developed personalities, often temperament tested by experts at the rescue shelter; making choosing the perfect pet for your lifestyle much easier.

Senior rescue pets are content to kick back and relax, unlike youngsters who are always getting up to mischief and require house-training. Of course they still need exercise and mental stimulation, but are less likely to run you ragged.

Speaking of relaxing, elderly animals especially retired greyhounds, make ideal napping buddies, so if you're looking for a friend to snuggle up with, then older rescue pets are ideal.

Mature animals just want someone to love and to love them back. They've most likely been through so much in their life that they make for sincerely grateful and devoted companions. Just ask anyone who's adopted a rescue pet and you are sure to hear glowing recommendations.

Rescue dogs, cats, and rabbits, are usually already toilet-trained with years of experience under their belt. When you adopt a senior animal, chances are you're saving their life.

Furthermore if it's a specific breed of dog you're after there are specific breed rescue societies so get in touch with the Kennel Club for details of their excellent Breed Rescue Directory.

Unfortunately for rescue animals, most people gravitate towards the adorable kittens and puppies. Young animals are never short of admirers, but for the older animals, you might be their last chance of happiness.

Examples of some excellent rescues to contact first are Oldies Club, Mayhew Animal Home, Dogs Trust, All Dogs Matter, Battersea Dogs & Cats Home, Blue Cross, Wood Green, Retired Greyhound Trust, and Many Tears Rescue.

Happy New Year folks - to you and your newly rescued four-legged best friends!