21/11/2016 07:15 GMT | Updated 21/11/2017 05:12 GMT

Honey G Can Still Win The X-Factor

Danny Martindale via Getty Images

Honey G faced the danger of elimination from the X-Factor for the first time and despite the fact that her haters had been expecting that to happen sooner or later, it was a shock, which may actually mean nothing regarding her chances to win. Now that Honey G was a candidate to leave, X-Factor fans could think that this was the precursor of her departure and that she is not able to reach the final or win the show. My research demonstrates that those people are wrong.


Snapshot from the Official X-Factor Youtube Channel

When X-Factor started, the haters assumed that Honey G's time in the competition would be limited and that she would not stay for long. Nevertheless, after a period of seven weeks of live shows, Honey G is in the top five, two steps before the final, where everything is possible. In addition, this year things seem to be very open as far as who will be the winner is concerned. So, Honey G can still win the X-Factor and there is a fact from James Arthur's time in the show that enhances her hopes.

James Arthur was the winner of X-Factor nine in 2012. Nonetheless, in week seven -coincidentally the same week as Honey G - he was in the bottom two in the votes and had to sing again to secure his place in the competition. This isn't the general rule, but an exception, as most winners of the last few years were never in that position. However, it shows that, regardless from artistic tastes, Honey G can continue dreaming that she is able to succeed in her goal to be the winner. Of course, being among those who received the fewest votes the past weekend is a warning for her that she must give her best in her remaining performances.

Besides, contestants who have reached the X-Factor final (top three) were candidates to be axed one or multiple times, according to the results of 2010s decade. I am talking about Amelia Lily in Series Eight (2011), Luke Friend in Series 10 (2013), Andrea Faustini in Series 11 (2014) and Che Chesterman in Series 12 (2015). Apart from that, there is also the example of One Direction who were third in Series Seven (2010) and had a huge career. Hence, for me, whatever the next weeks hold, Honey G is already a winner in this year's X-Factor, because, though against all odds, she has acquired a fan base, which is a legacy for her future.

Honey G appeared really surprised that she was so close to the exit, a new experience for her in the contest. She also looked very nervous before, during, and after the sing-off. She probably didn't expect it. To be honest, I didn't expect it either, taking into account how things have evolved, but as X-Factor is getting towards the end, it is a normal effect of the process. Ryan Lawrie was very good and sang really well his song, but someone had to go and the judges preferred to keep Honey G; they support her right from the beginning.

Therefore, Honey G has many reasons not to be affected from this difficult moment and keep on doing what she loves the most. As Simon Cowell noted, she seems to want to win more than anyone else, and sometimes will is what eventually makes the difference.