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Honey G Doesn't Seem Fake To Me


There are a lot of discussions going on about whether Honey G is a real artist or a fake one designed by the X-Factor production so the viewing figures of the show rise. I am puzzled too over it, but I found some indications that Honey G might not be a prank.

She faced difficulties

It wasn't easy for Honey G to enter the live shows. She was axed in the Six Chair Challenge by Sharon Osbourne and was out of the competition. She would probably never have returned if it wasn't for Ivy Grace Paredes not being able to participate and therefore being replaced by Honey G.

Her facial expressions are real

Honey G has lived her experience in the X-Factor in an intense way. I could see her sorrow during the difficult times in the auditions and the Six Chair Challenge, her agony over the decisions of her mentor, Sharon Osbourne, for her future, and her joy when she was about to rap in front of the Judges and the audience.

She writes her own songs

Honey G not only raps other artists' songs but composes her own songs and there are eight of them in her official website . In her course in the X-Factor she has taken popular songs and changed the lyrics so as to perform those songs accordingly with her style. This demonstrates that she has real talent in hip hop music.

She doesn't hide her identity

Honey G didn't have a problem to reveal her real name and keep her LinkedIn account available for the public. She probably leads a double life, as a business woman and as a rap artist. It doesn't seem like a sin to me. Many people have multiple, and in many cases contrasting, interests and hobbies.

She has a long biography in music

According to her biography she started mixing in 1999 and has been a DJ who has performed in many clubs. She has also studied music and more specifically Popular Music and Recording at Salford University. Over the last 15 years she has been establishing herself as an urban music producer.

Support from other celebrity artists

Popular artists are considered to be people with validity, so the fact that they support Honey G in a great extent may conceal that she is real. Snoop Dogg first spotted her worth and declared his thoughts for a possible collaboration with her. Robbie Williams became a fan of Honey G as Sharon Osbourne's guest judge at Judges' House.

Social media exposure

Honey G has her own accounts in Facebook and Twitter, through which she promotes herself. So, she takes seriously her participation in the X-Factor and wants to gain something from it. She acts as if she intends to follow a career as a rap artist. Besides, she has real people working for her in management and bookings.

Simon Cowell now believes she is real

If Honey G had been fake, the first person who would have known it would be Simon Cowell. However, since the first time he met Honey G, he was reserved with her. He couldn't make his mind whether Honey G was a prank or not. In the first live show he admitted that he realized that Honey G is serious about having a career in rapping.

As you can tell, there are enough signs that Honey G is real. Nonetheless, time will tell if she is fake or not. If she continues to pursue a career in rap music after the X-Factor, then we will be able to assume that she was not fake. For now, the crowds just make assumptions.

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