15/02/2016 07:40 GMT | Updated 13/02/2017 05:12 GMT

How to Create Effortless Results in Your Business

Every week as part of my effortless lifestyle program, I ask my clients for the successes they want to celebrate. And every time they share, they all share how effortless the result has been for them.

Now I am not talking about small results, I am talking about signing up clients, being asked to speak on stages, having opportunities to write for magazines that they have wanted to for a while and so much more.

The amazing thing is that for each of these results, they have all commented on how effortless it was been to achieve the outcome.

So the question is, what is the difference between someone that creates effortless results, versus someone who may have had the same outcome but who struggles and stresses to make it happen?

The difference is a small one, but ultimately significant.

The first knows where their stress and experience of stress is coming from and the second does not.

Let me explain.

The effortless lifestylers know that their stress comes from them and not from what they are doing or their circumstances or people.

They know that their security and wellbeing doesn't lie in their outcomes or their circumstances and are free to experiment without the attachment because it's all fun and games to them.

They don't take their business too seriously as they know that the only thing that creates seriousness is thought, this in turn allows them to enjoy the journey and get the results on the way.

They rejoice in their milestones and cheer others on as they don't believe in competition and see the opportunities to collaborate.

They are calm and poised and know that wisdom will guide them to make the decisions that are needed in any given moment.

They love their journey and are able to create epic results without much effort. Opportunities show up for them without much thought and they are attracting clients that rave about them all the time.

Compare that to the mother and woman in business who, thinks that her security and wellbeing lies in her outcomes and that her stress lies in what she is doing and her circumstances. The challenge with this is that when she is not creating the outcomes she wants she thinks that it says something about her and she gets really insecure about her results as she thinks her security and wellbeing lies there when it doesn't.

Her head fills up with noise and she cannot hear her wisdom and so feels more and more lost. She strives and struggles because her internal world reflects that and she becomes the victim to her own business and outcomes. She compares herself to others, which keeps her joy at bay and doesn't feel successful enough.

She may get the results but she is never quite satisfied and so keeps searching for the next step and finds it really hard to switch off.