24/06/2016 11:37 BST | Updated 25/06/2017 06:12 BST

Anger Grows That We Were Given the Chance to Vote Leave

So much raging anger and frustration. June 24th, 2016 should go down as the day we all fell out with each other. Months of build-up exploded into unrepentant lashing out. Millions have been unfriended and thousands we have come to know for posting selfies and telling us how amazing their kids are have suddenly become doom merchants with insights into the future that would embarrass Nostradamus.

In among all the deafening background political discourse, those of us who voted Leave have quickly managed to discern the underlying message: 'God people like you should not have been allowed to vote! You're obviously too thick to understand the ramifications of backing the Leave campaign. Don't come crying to us when a bottle of Domaine Huet Le Haut Lieu Sec Vouvray doubles in price, Volvo dealerships close en masse and Arsene Wenger miss out on the next Portuguese wonderkid because he doesn't have enough international caps'.

This notion that democracy, actual real proper democracy, is a dangerous thing because the common man doesn't 'get it' actually goes to the heart of what is really going on.

When the EU was conceived it was considered the best solution to a very difficult problem for the world's political elite (not elected politicians...the ones who tell them what to do).

Unlike the much easier-to-manipulate USA, Europe's long history of relatively robust press intrusion, people power and electoral processes meant controlling the mob was going to take something much more sophisticated. If we were going to have the wool pulled over our eyes we needed more of an angora sweater rather than a home-knitted scarf.

Europe's population - "will you stop thinking for yourselves so god damn much" - also needed something approaching incomprehensible to befuddle us. Just to make sure you see. A bureaucratic super structure that would test the mental capacity of Stephen Fry was slowly but gradually put in place and by the 90s project superstate was in full flow. They've taken us that far down the road without too much trouble so what could stop them making it to the end without us realising?

We were drip fed the positives while the warning signs flashed red all around - the ERM debacle, the Euro debacle, the Eurovision Song Contest debacle - and those who consistently resisted were labelled as the ignorant xenophobes because the nutcase element of the Tory Party and more laterly UKIP became the face of the anti-EU campaign. And we all grew up disliking these people because we've all met a lot of foreigners and virtually all of them are rather pleasant.

That juvenile discourse continued right up until the final few hours of the campaign. Both sides promised a form of economic armageddon when nobody really knows what's going to happen. David Cameron kept saying the same vacuous platitudes over and over again and that nice George Osborne went a bit mad and threatened 'an austerity budget' if the vote went against him. Like the 'northern powerhouses' haven't been punished enough by his decisions.

Of course this was just more classic 'distraction' tactics to mask what was really going on.

To understand the big picture is to realise The EU is a sham organisation which was set up to concentrate the power in just a few establishment hands. Unelected and unaccountable it was designed work hand in hand with the USA to keep the rest of the world disproportionately poor and has contributed to the suffering of hundreds of millions of people in Asia, Africa and South America.

It was designed to distract us and shore up corporate power at the expense of a sustainable and fair society.

Therefore the big worry is the British have knocked out a small part of the EU's already shaky foundations and large number of Europeans with big wrecking balls are waiting in line for their turn.

The project is failing yet but must be saved to save us from ourselves.

However they underestimate our power to engage, be resourceful and work out what's right and wrong and what's good for us and others. They pity us because we care too much.

They don't want a world that fair, healthy and at peace because there's no money in that.

Because with virtually everything in life it comes down money, power and control and last night's result loosened their grip on all three just a little.