An Interesting Week...

28/03/2012 22:08 BST | Updated 28/05/2012 10:12 BST

After promoting the new album almost nonstop since last summer it was really refreshing to be back in the studio recording this week. Good song writing takes time and I am keen to start the next album nice and early to avoid the inevitable panic as a desired release date looms. This will technically be my fourth album and I can honestly say that the previous three have driven me to the borders of insanity and back.

Not that it should be any different. The chaos that reigns behind the scenes of many a classic album has been well documented and some would argue that it is almost necessary to produce a certain type of inspiration. There is often plenty of creative disagreement, financial pressure, release deadlines, and record company/management interference; throw in some personal/relationship issues in there and you've got a genuine case for a nervous breakdown... and I love it! The rush you get from putting all of the right elements together is unbeatable and well worth the blood and sweat.

We had a couple of unexpected breakthroughs in the UK this week. Despite turning up for a Terry Wogan interview a week early and not getting anywhere near the studio, BBC Radio 2 added my song New Age to their playlist. This guarantees us a certain amount of plays per week and is very good news indeed. Due to its diverse programming the station has been one of my favourites for a long time now and the fact that they have been so positive about one of my songs is a big compliment.

Shortly before hearing that news I was on BBC breakfast to chat about the album and also having written the biggest song by a British artist in Germany for over 30 years! The fact that I still can't speak German is acutely embarrassing. Still a milestone to be proud of.

From this weekend girlfriends around the world will be resenting the brutal engine sounds invading their Sunday afternoons as this year's Formula 1 season gets underway. I'm a huge fan and I'm desperate to attend a couple of this years' races. I've already told the record label in Germany to move heaven and earth to get me on the grid for this years German Grand Prix and I'll even suffer the indignity of supporting German driver Seb Vettel for the privilege. This will be the most competitive season in history with six world champs on the grid and I know it's not the most environmentally friendly sport but we all have our guilty pleasures, right?