03/03/2013 03:55 GMT | Updated 01/05/2013 06:12 BST

One Billion Rising - One Woman's Plight to Escape From a Violent Forced Marriage

The aim of this film is to capture the emotional narrative of a young woman's plight to escape a forced marriage. Based on a true story, I scripted both the factual and emotive response of this young woman's experience and conveyed it using dance and drama.

I chose film as a medium of communication because as a cerebral art it reaches the part of the brain that written information (factual and statistical) does not. These things help people understand concepts, assist logical reasoning but they do not move people in the way film does. How many times have you been to the cinema and come out feeling changed in some way? How many times have you read a leaflet and felt moved to the same extent? Thought so. Logical and emotive reasoning both have an important part to play in communicating messages but it shouldn't be the case of choosing one or the other, they both complement each other. We need both to be truly informed.

The film was recently screened at the Ritzy cinema in London, as part of the One Billion Rising campaign.

MALALA from Mary Griffiths Clarke on Vimeo.