London Fashion Week: Meadham Kirchhoff Bring Back Baroque Style for Spring 2013

19/09/2012 12:55 BST | Updated 18/11/2012 10:12 GMT

Pictured: The fantastic runway set at the Meadham Kirchhoff SS 2013 show (photo: M. Hall) 

Emerging designers Meadham Kirchhoff  took a flight of fancy today at London Fashion week at the Topshop show space with their Spring/Summer 2013 " Cautionary Tale" show. Looking at the show stage, I thought I had stepped into Marie Antoinette's decadent sitting room at Versailles replete with beautiful floral patterned screens  and vases of fresh flowers. Just about the time I was thinking that and Tweeting that, out stepped a model in a fantastical red dress with blue ribbons sampling a piece of cake.  A fitting allusion to Marie Antoinette's alleged "Let them eat cake"remark. 

Pictured: A model literally eats cake at the Meadham Kirchhoff show today at the Topshop space. (photo: M. Hall) 

The entire show was a complete flight of fantasy of gorgeous patterns, lush fabrics, puffed sleeves and chinois type patterns.  I haven't see a show like this grace a runway in New York or Los Angeles. To say Meadham Kirchhoff's Spring 2013 show was innovative is an understatement. Just take a look at the pictures in this article to see what I mean.  "It's all about make-believe, it's all about making people want to desire and I think that's kind of maybe a reflection as well on that," Kirchhoff told Reuters. Count me as a believer.  Who knew that hats with ribbons & bows, embroidered jackets and full skirts could look so good on today's runway? It was literally a baroque flashback. 

Pictured: Puffed sleeves and fantasy at Meadham Kirchhoff today at London Fashion Week. (photo: M.Hall) 

Here's hoping we see more of emerging designers Meadham Kirchhoff and their whimsical style at Topshops around the world next year.