22/02/2016 07:23 GMT | Updated 20/02/2017 05:12 GMT

The 10 Best Vegan News Stories of 2016 (So Far)

When a succession of critics are happy to bemoan your dietary choices, it's easy for vegan foodies to lose hope. Well, plant-lovers of the UK, rejoice! We're only a month and a half into 2016 and news outlets have already printed a huge number of victories for dairy-free eaters. Here are the best stories so far.

1. Ben and Jerry's will release four dairy-free ice cream flavours

The men from Vermont heard our pleas. Vegans can now enjoy a host of new flavours including Peanut Butter Cookie and a almond milk twist on Chocolate Fudge classic.


2. BAFTA delegates were invited to eat an all-vegan menu

Ethical celebs were offered new special options, including a salad packed with quinoa, butternut squash, and a host of other ingredients that are as stereotypically vegan as they are delicious.

3. BrewDog pubs introduce 23 vegan beers

Ethical hipsters can sleep easy knowing that after-work drinks in Shoreditch will be as ethical as they are Instagrammable. Maybe. Depending on the amount consumed.

4. Metro keeps smashing it out of the park with amazing vegan London reviews

Type 'vegan' into the Metro's website and uncover a treasure trove of capital city intel for lovers of ethical brunch, pizzas, and dim sum.

5. An all-vegan pizzeria is opening in Cardiff

Enough said.


6. Google searches for the term 'vegan' tripled since 2011

We want to know about the ethical ramification of our choices more than ever before, and the food we pick is no exception. Google searches for the diet have risen dramatically in less than five years.

7. A vegan investor is encouraging a generation of ethical entrepreneurs

Vegan winery owner, Sebastiano Cossia Castigliani, has invested in a new yield of startups championing a plant-based lifestyle. The investor held a high-profile New York dinner to celebrate the decision.

8. 'Vegetarian butchers' could be coming to the UK

Following huge success across Europe for meat-free fare, The Vegetarian Butcher is in talks with investors interested in supporting a UK launch.


9. The Evening Standard published this very interesting opinion piece

Discussing the impact of diet on climate change and, more importantly, what Leonardo DiCaprio ate at the aforementioned BAFTAS ceremony.

10. We all discovered that veganism won't make your hair fall out

Hopefully nobody will be surprised to hear that avoiding bacon won't trigger a mass follicular exodus, but it was good of Munchies to confirm it anyway.