12/03/2013 09:50 GMT | Updated 11/05/2013 06:12 BST

What a Pleasant Surprise to See One on Television

So it's not Christmas day, you're not full of turkey, and not half the family is asleep on the sofas. So why is the Queen live on television?

For the first time today, the Queen will sign a new agreement to stop discrimination across the Commonwealth, this will involve 'gender equality' and 'women's empowerment', and Her Majesty is showing her full commitment to the matter by signing the papers live in front of cameras.

In a society where 6% of the population is gay, is it wrong that people are still discriminating against same sex marriages saying they'll ruin the churches? If our monarch of 61 years can take a step in stopping the discrimination we all should.

In a recent conversation with a friend, topically discussing same sex marriage, we both said that in years to come, we'll look back and think it was stupid that it was ever thought of as 'wrong'. We all live in a world where opinions are forever changing, although I always think my Welsh grandmother will hate the foreigners or the 'English' as we call them...

We can look back at the time of slaves, and think that's disgusting behaviour. We can look back at the mistreatment of Jews, and think that's disgusting behaviour, and in a few years people we'll look back at gay couples and think the behaviour of other's is disgusting. Gay marriages still have to be approved by the churches, but instead of the partnership only being about their bond to each other, it can now be about the blessing from God.

The UK is accepting the change, but how long will it be till the other countries join the fun? Homosexual acts are still illegal in 41 of the Commonwealth's 54 nations. Penalties include the death penalty, 25 years in jail, 20 years plus and life imprisonment.

It shouldn't be about your sexual preferences, but about the right to have the same rights as everyone else. The Queen and her country still have more changes to make- she is patron to 600 charities, and none involve gay rights.

Although it's only little stepping stones for now, it's all about trying to make a change. She might come under a lot of criticism for only just catching up with public opinion now, but it's still making an effort, and no one ever got criticized for that.