14/09/2016 11:16 BST | Updated 15/09/2017 06:12 BST

Five Ways To Maintain Good Health Whilst Leading A Busy Lifestyle

In modern times many of us are leading busy fast paced lifestyles that are very effective for achieving our career goals, however other areas of our life can and do suffer as a result, particularly that of our health.

So how can we ensure this doesn't happen?

Having overcome chronic fatigue syndrome caused by this exact dilemma, I practice and recommend the following five ways to maintain good health whilst leading a busy lifestyle. These are all tried and tested natural methods based on personal and professional experience and are simple yet very effective.

5 ways to maintain the best health whilst leading a busy lifestyle


Drink plenty of water

The importance of maintaining hydration is key in all areas of health, not doing so not only affects our energy and concentration levels but can also lead to further illness or exacerbation of existing ones. Drinking water at regular intervals throughout the day can be a really good way to remember to do this as a part of your daily routine.

2.Deep diaphragmatic breathing

Doing just five slow diaphragmatic breaths has a profound effect on both your physical and psychological state almost instantly. Whenever you are feeling stressed or worried, this is a great way to transform it very quickly.

3.Regular exercise

Regular exercise doesn't have to be time consuming, it can be as little as 5-10 mins if that is all you manage, and it will always make a difference. When I was recovering from chronic fatigue, I started by doing just five minutes of yoga a day, this allowed me to progress gradually and listen to my body. Before long I was back to being able to do the gym five times a week, so however much you can do really does make a difference.


This is an area that can often be perceived as requiring a significant amount of available time everyday in order to benefit. However although a fixed meditation practice is good and beneficial, meditation can in fact be done anywhere and at any time. This is because all it needs to be is the simple practice of being mindful. A great time to do this is when you are walking, to really be aware of each step and each moment fully. However absolutely any activity can give you the opportunity to develop mindful -practice. Whether it be washing-up, exercising, doing paperwork or any other activity, when you are completely absorbed in the activity you are doing then you are practicing mindfully and therefore in a state of meditation. Try doing this practice first with some of your favourite activities and it will become easier to you the more you do it.

5.Positive focus -

Negative thinking can be one of the most draining things we can do and it doesn't have to be. We can very effectively change our thought patterns with enough focus and consistency, this is something well worth doing and putting the effort in for as the effect on your overall life will be profoundly impactful. Positive thinking brings positive outcomes, not only for your health but for all areas of your life.

"Positive thinking brings positive outcomes"

A great way to introduce this and to also implement some of the other ways to better health is by setting yourself just three positive intentions daily. This requires very little time and yet will have a very positive impact for your overall health. As our mind and body are linked - how we think and what we focus on has a direct impact on our energy levels and overall health. I would say of all the practices I introduced when recovering from chronic fatigue this was the most important.

These three intentions can be anything that you know will make you and/or others feel good. Something as small as to make a difference to someone's day by smiling at them for example or to focus on what you are grateful for five minutes of the day - These are small but very powerful ways to make a difference to yourself and others. In addition connecting with others is also great for your health and wellbeing.

Small and continuous practices such as the above actually make the biggest overall difference, so even if you are leading a very busy lifestyle you know that you can still contribute to the maintenance and improvement of your health in a very effective way.

Try to implement whatever you can and see what a difference it can make.

Miranda Adams

Health Recovery Coach