17/11/2016 08:16 GMT | Updated 17/11/2017 05:12 GMT

You Are Not What You Think You Are

Why you are not what you think you are

Often we can go through life identifying with our thoughts, our habits of thinking and believe this is the truth, that this is who we are, when this is not actually the case. Thoughts are just thoughts, they are not who we are and by accumulation of these thoughts we create behaviours and subsequent identities.

What if instead we were to see thought for what they are and dis-identify with them?

Seeing in fact that we choose our thoughts and so empowering ourselves to create new patterns of thought and subsequent behaviours and identities.

This is where meditation comes in; Meditation allows us to detach from our thoughts and see them for what they are, just thoughts, then entering into a position of the observer where we allow ourselves to experience inner peace and tranquillity. When this state is increased though a regular meditation habit, our minds naturally become more open, allowing for our true inner freedom and choice.

This is what is meant by; you are not what you think you are.

In fact anytime we do identify with our thoughts we are limiting ourselves.

Habits of thought are learnt, through experience, from others and various other sources; so in fact most of these habits of thought are often not even our own so to become aware of them could be considered vital. A regular meditation practice is one of the best ways to do this, journaling is also very effective.

Some of the many benefits you can expect from becoming more aware of thought patterns are;

The ability to adapt easier If we are able to adapt our ways of thinking easier then we are more able to see another's point of view, rather than being stuck on our own one. In terms of reducing conflict in relationships this is essential. The ability to adapt also makes our own lives better by allowing us to adapt according to life circumstances we are in and the opportunities we have.

Increased inner peace. When we are not caught up in negative or unhealthy thought patterns we very naturally become more peaceful and in a state of natural wellbeing and happiness.

Increased self responsibility and awareness This is key in being able to move forward more effectively, without self responsibility and awareness, it is easy to place it outside of ourselves, therefore keeping us stuck in one place.

Mindfulness Being in a state of mindfulness is the ultimate effect of regular self-awareness and meditation. Once you become more aware of your thought patterns and see them as just thoughts, they no longer have the same power over you. You are then free to just be, noticing all the beauty that is here and that exists all around you. This beauty we can often miss when we are caught up in patterns of thought.

Begin today to realise that, you are not what you think you are

You are in fact anything you choose to be

Free yourself up to be, by becoming more self-aware through a regular practice of self awareness, whether that be through journaling, meditation or both and see what a difference it can make to you and your life.

Try it on for a week and see what happens. <3