19 Things I've Learned In 19 years

06/03/2017 13:04 GMT | Updated 07/03/2018 10:12 GMT

1. No one else can experience things for you. You cant have a body double to come in and play you for all of the hard scenes. You have to experience everything yourself and it's a blessing and a curse. Appreciate feeling things, step outside and feel the sun on your skin and remember that no one else can feel exactly what you're feeling in this moment.

2. Things eventually get better, they do. Your mental health will turn around and you will start feeling positive again, you just need time and positive people surrounding you.

3. Your mum is right you shouldn't go outside with wet hair, you will get a cold and hate yourself. In fact just listen to your mum on most things. She's already lived a lot of her life, she knows what she's talking about

4. You can be very mature and responsible and also be a total clumsy, air-headed mess sometimes. It's all about balance, trust me on this I'm an expert.

5. Your skin looks so good if you drink tons of water. It seems so obvious I know, but it took me a long time to grasp this!

6. Life can be so dreary and dull, fill it will love and laughter. Surround yourself with people that make you belly laugh until you cry. Add as much positivity as you can because when you reminisce, those are the bits you'll remember.

7. Mistakes aren't just important, they are necessary. They shape who you are and make you a better and more appreciative person. Embrace every mistake.

8. Be a little selfish sometimes. Not to the detriment of those around you, but take time for yourself. Whether that's therapeutic self care time or working really really hard time. Make allotted time for yourself and fill it doing things that will develop you as a person.

9. The people you went to school with will not be your friends forever. Make sure you know which ones are worth keeping in your life. If they make you happy and make you a better person then keep them, but don't keep nasty people in your life just for the sake of keeping the memories with them alive.

10. There really is no discreet and polite way to dispose of a wedgie in public. If you've got to do it just go for it and don't think about the many people staring at you. Pull out the wedgie and walk on with your head held high. I know its silly but this goes for everything in life, don't pay attention to what others think.

11. Whether its compulsory for your education or you're no longer in education, keep reading. Read articles, books, magazines, menus even! Just keep reading and keep trying in any way to expand your knowledge on certain subjects. Find things that interest you and go deeper and deeper into them

12. Don't limit yourself to hanging out with only 1 type of person. Life is so much more fun if you surround yourself with people from all walks of life, all types of humour, all sexualities and skin colours. Keep your life diverse and broad. Don't be close minded when it comes to new people and new beliefs.

13. Don't let people make fun of the things you love. Whether its horoscopes or a trashy boy band. Whatever it is that you love, embrace it. Don't let people put you down for the little things you love. Life is so much more fun when you embrace all of your interests.

14. Embrace change. Don't shy away from it. Every day is totally different and that's really cool! Take each piece of change in your life as a blessing and a fresh start. Change is necessary and important as hard as it may seem.

15. Appreciate nature. We are so caught up in our electronic devices and they can be great, but every now and then you should take time to appreciate the nature in our world. Go for a long walk and feel the fresh, crisp air on your face and in your lunges. Kick your feet in the leaves and feel the rain fall through your hair. Sometimes, through life's endless complexity, it feels nice just to go back to the basics.

16. Stress less. This is a hard one to actually do, I know. Sometimes stress is necessary and healthy. But you have to consider whats worth stressing over and what isn't. Some things you just cannot control and you have to ask yourself. Is this something I can change now? If not, stop worrying.

17. Try and do something kind for a stranger every day or even every week. You have no idea what somebody is going through and how they are feeling. If you have the opportunity to make somebody's day just that little bit better, then do it! Smile at people, hold doors for them, pick up things they drop and wish them a happy day. These little things mean the world. And every act of kindness, you can feel it enriching your soul.

18. Appreciate your parents. They are the reason you exist and unfortunately they wont be around forever. Make time for them and appreciate every little thing they do for you. Understand how much they love you and how lucky you are to have them.

19. Finally, I've learnt that however much I age I should still embrace my child within. Be silly, tell jokes, sing loudly even if you can't sing very well, do accents and impressions. Don't rush to grow up and be an adult right away. Technically I am an adult, but I'm still just a kid inside trying to figure all this out. Give yourself a break and have some fun once in a while!